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Year 2 day 181- The Day After Graduation

by admin on June 8th, 2005

Graduation was pretty painless. The speeches were very short, and I’d say, the whole ordeal lasted an hour total. Our graduations bring out the most interesting portions of society. It reminded me of a tractor pull more than a graduation. People were hootin’ and hollerin,’ talking while people were speaking, and just generally acting inappropriately. I’m not going to even GET IN to what type of attire people thought was acceptable for a graduation. I guess in some weird way I felt like they probably deserved to be able to go a little estate fair’ on us. For some of those people, that’s the only person they’ll see graduate, ever.

Sober graduation was OK. There was quite a bit of chicken, tri tip, and other good food available to eat. I played some basketball for awhile, and went home with a full belly at 1am. It started to rain about midnight anyway, and that put a damper on the eating.

Which leads me to being here today… where we still have 30 kids who showed up. Grades are in, credits done… there’s no work going on… classes aren’t even showing movies, to encourage kids to not show up, but yet, they do. Some kids just have no better place to be I guess. That’s sad. We don’t even have yearbooks for kids to sign.

Most teachers are packing up their rooms for the move next year. My room is almost packed up. I have three cupboards left to put in boxes, label the boxes, and put them in the front of the room.

I’ll get around to that sometime today.

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