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Year 2 Day 180- Graduation Day

by admin on June 7th, 2005

Graduation is tonight. I’m not really too enthused about it. There are a few kids I’m happy for, but in general, I’m just happier that graduation signifies the END of the year for the most part. When graduation is over, sober graduation starts. The sober graduation, while strangely ineffective (more later on why) is fun for the teachers, because we get to wander around and eat food the entire night. I usually end up playing some basketball in addition to the eating, and then going home around midnight. It’s a decent time.

The problems with sober graduation are as follows;

It assumes that the night people go out and party to celebrate graduation is THE actual night of graduation. While that may have been true in the past, it’s not so much anymore. Kids still go out and party to celebrate graduation, they just do it the following night. Graduation nights now are reserved for family, and the sober grad party. Yes, the fact that the party exists keeps most people from drinking on THAT night. Those kids that only party on special occasions may also be spared from partying, but for the kids like MINE who party multiple times a week despite a cause, it only keeps them from drinking the time that they’re at the sober grad party.

The weird part is they’ve started letting people go home whenever they want, and just not readmitting them if they leave. This allows kids to show up for 2 hours, get some free food, maybe a prize or two, then take off to go get hammered at around 12… in essence, not detouring anything. When I went to sober grad, if you WENT, you were stuck there until either A) 6am rolled around and let out, or B) a parent came and GOT you.

The kids here who want to party on their graduation night still will, they’ll just get a slightly later start, or they’ll party on Wednesday night.

It’s a good example of good intentions gone bad.


I’m so ready for this year to end. Quite honestly, not getting either of those art jobs had a more serious affect on me than I thought it would. As it stands now, I have zero motivation to return next year, none. I really don’t care. I’m not looking forward to it. I’m bitter, angry, and over all resentful towards this district and the way they treat people.

I’ll try to find it in me over the summer to get motivated enough to work with the art kids next year, to make them better, and show up the other high school whenever possible, but as it stands now, I don’t even have the motivation or desire to do that.

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