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Year 2 Day 179- Copy that?

by admin on June 6th, 2005

DEj* vu.

Well, as I mentioned last week, a student showed up trying to get credits after he hadn’t shown up for at least 5 weeks. He showed up on the last day for seniors to turn in work looking for work to do. He didn’t even HAVE the work to turn in, he still needed it.

“Do you have anything I can do in a couple minutes for a couple credits?”

I told him to take a hike. He had 5 weeks to come and see me to get work. He also tried to get his old work back, so he could re-turn it in for credit to another teacher. I guess he told the VP, that I gave him some work to do, (which I didn’t) The VP responded by giving him a 9:00 deadline today for work. He showed up at 10:30. He said his car ran out of gas…whatever.

He bitched and moaned how nobody was going to give him any credits, and how it was B.S. that they would deny him just 2 credits… I told him, that nobody felt sorry for him because he waited until the last minute.

He turned in two art essays to the office today, apparently that I assigned him. I told the office lady to give the essays to me, so I could check them for plagiarism. I’m the resident expert at finding cheaters, and exposing them. Sure enough, his essays are 90% taken from another source, almost exactly.

I let the office know. I also told the office under NO circumstances was I giving him any credits. NONE. No way… at all. The office was surprised that I didn’t give him the work in the first place. I told them, he was acting on his own… .I had in no way gave him the impression he was getting two credits from me for ANYTHING.

This whole thing is so similar to what happened LAST year with ethat kid’, it’s almost scary. Last year, despite the fact that NO teacher would give ‘that kid’ credit, the administration (namely the VP) gave him the credits anyway. That set off a whole slew of crap, primarily the fact that all the teachers were pissed at him. The administration SWORE last year, that nothing like this would ever happen again. The VP also said that if this kid missed his 9:00 deadline, by 1 minute he was NOT allowing him to pass. Well he missed it by an hour and a half, we’ll see now. I know none of the teachers feel sorry for the kid one bit. I would hope the admin. Has learned their lesson well enough from last year to just tell the kid NO, and let him go off for the summer.

I’ll update the story when this kid comes back to get the bad news his papers are deemed unacceptable by me.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    I’m hoping that you might be able to put a copy of his paper up for us to review, along with, say, a screenshot of the site he stole the essay from. That’d be quite cool.

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