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Year 2 Day 178- Putting the C in Captain, or something like that.

by admin on June 3rd, 2005

So last night was the farewell party for our principal and the phantom pisser (who is retiring.) We had it at a local isteakhouse.i I use the term steakhouse loosely. It’s this place that’s been in existence for as long as I’ve worked in this district. I had heard it was actually pretty good food though, so I was willing to give it a try.

Needless to say, it’s an interesting place. The music system constantly pumped out hard rock from yesteryear. I heard Ratt, Leppard, Motley Crue, and some old Heart. It was really fitting for the socio-economic area we service. The whole place looked like someone’s house. The kitchen, or half of it… was partly outside. I kid you not. The cooking took place in a BBQ like area that was half indoors, half on an outdoor patio. Very bizarre. The salads, bread, and plates were prepared inside in the other half of the kitchen. The cook constantly ran back and forth with steaks on paper plates, so they could be placed on the actual platter and served to the customer.

One thing I noticed that intrigued me, was the stereo receiver they were using. I wouldn’t normally think about it as odd, except for the fact I think it used to be MINE. Here’s the story…

When I was working at the other high school many years ago, the campus was broken into over a weekend, and many things were stolen. MY stereo receiver and CD player were among the loot taken. I had an Onkyo receiver, which is expensive, and seldom seen in your average home. The Sheriff filed a claim, but, even though they found the culprit, and most of the stuff, they never returned my stereo, although they did get back the CD player. I was pretty pissed, because it was a $400 receiver. I ended up buying a new, and crappier receiver the following year. ANYWAY, the receiver in the steakhouse was an Onkyo, and the exact model as mine–I knew it the minute I saw it. I think they probably got it somehow from who ever swiped it from my classroom, maybe a pawn shop or something. It’s been 6 years, so it’s not like I could raise a fuss about it now… but at least I know where it’s located. I guess I could visit it.

The party itself was OK. The old retiring guy tried his best to throw some jokes out there, and be funny. He wasn’t. Our staff chipped in and bought him a fishing case, and a gift card to buy tackle. He seemed very happy with it. Our principal decided to get up and give a speech after dinner, and thank each person for what they meant to him, and his time here at the school. It was his way of trying to personalize a farewell for each of us. He didn’t do so hot. I think he made it up as he went along. Granted, I wouldn’t have fared much better, but it was awkward. When it came to me he said something like.

iHe puts the alternative in alternative education… i


Uhm, thanks… I guess. What does that mean? I wasn’t then, and still am not really sure what the hell that meant. Granted, I am letting myself go, and kind of look like a freak right now with scraggly beard, and wild hair, maybe that had something to do with it. He also mentioned I was a good team player, and did whatever was asked of me whether or not I really wanted to do it, like teach government and economics. He also added I was a very good art teacher, which WAS nice.

I didn’t get up and speak about him.

I’ve given up trying to get anything real done this week. With the exception of trying to get a few kids finished with an art project or two… I’ve decided to just put on movies for the remainder of the year. Funny, but the kids actually are staying in the classroom now, instead of trying to wander all over campus.

I also put in a CD burner in my work computer today, so I’ll be able to actually save all the data I’ve been working on for my art curriculum. I was deeply afraid that if I didn’t have a way to preserve the information I was working on, the district itechi guys would erase it all. They have this way of just reformatting entire computers and hard drives without telling anyone.

iOh you had important things on there you wanted saved? Well, nobody told us… i

iYou never asked… i

i… i

Any way it’s TGIF… .Thank God it’s Five… as in 5 days left.

We had this kid show up today, who’d been gone for nearly 7 weeks. He needs 2 art credits to graduate…and GUESS where he came. Yup, to see me. I’m sorry but there just isn’t any sympathy in me for someone trying to get 2 credits in 20 minhutes. (see my posts about ‘THAT KID’ from last year) He seems perplexed that I won’t give him anything. He originally wanted to get his old papers and re-turn-them-in to another teacher. He was mad when I denied him.

I told him, had he come in 3 weeks ago, looking for work, we could have easily made it happen…but trying to get all the work on the last day isn’t happening. He’s now off somewhere else on campus trying to swindle 2 credits from someone else.

Speaking of THAT KID, I saw him riding his bike on Sunday…he gave me a head nod…apparantly he still remembers me. He’s lucky he wasn’t riding on the highway, he’d be a gutter smear right now.

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