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Year 2 Day 177- District of Deceit

by admin on May 19th, 2005

There was almost a fight today. It never happened, (which is why I said almost). A teacher stood between the kids, not allowing them to ‘get it on’. I kind of wish it did happen, I could use the entertainment. It’s been a long while since a good fist-a-cuffs went down. It’s in part to the smaller size of our space on this campus. If a fight breaks out, someone breaks it up within seconds.
The other campus was so large, if a fight went down…it took people some time to get there.

Grumblings From The Masses

I just heard in the staff room another shining example of how jacked up our district leadership is. There’s a lady who works at the other high school(I know her, she’s a good person). I guess she has a lot of Dr.’s appointments and she worked out a deal with the superintendent that allowed her to go to these appointments, and then work later in the day to make up the time.

Apprantly someone in the district didn’t like it, and yelled at her, and when she brought up the fact the superintendent, and principal (our new principal next year)had OK’d it, they denied it.

Must’ve been a fun meeting.

iWell Mr.——- and Mr. —————– said I could take the time off, then work later.i

iIs that right Mr. _______? i

iNo. That never happened. I never said anything or heard anything like that.i

It’s funny but every day I hear more and more bad things about the district and its leadership. I guess now they’re resulting to telling people one thing, then denying it, and having them punished for it.

It just cements the fact you can’t trust anyone in this district. Our new principal hasn’t even gotten here yet, and the first thing people tell me is iDon’t trust that guy… i

That’s not a reputation I’d like. “OH the captian, yeah don’t trust that guy, he’ll power screw you…”

You’d think eventually this kind of thing is going to boil over with employees in this district, and they’ll do something about it. People working here are just intimidated though.

If they would stop to realize that the whole power system at the top are an inbred (by inbred I mean that one guy hires his friends, etc… ) power hungry, group of egomaniacs, with selfish intentions, they might do something about it. I guarantee if all the teachers and classified employees got together and decided to sit out until the few people in the district office, and few principals in the mix resigned, it would work. The school board would be forced to do something about it.

“Look A-holes, nobody in this district is working for you anymore, you have to go…we can’t have school shut down.”

Then the message would be clear. You’d better be teacher and staff friendly if you’re a superintendent or principal… .otherwise you’ll get run. I can respect differences of opinions from my bosses, if they’re handled maturely. When people are being intentionally deceitful, and malicious, that’s ridiculous. That’s what’s going on here, and has been going on for several years. I wish the school board would realize that there are 3 or 4 people directly responsible for making this district into a laughing stock… .and as soon as they’re gone, things will improve. We had some really good people here at one time… and I remember people liking to work with/for them.

Those days are gone.

FYI-I’m totally off on the # of days left, it’s not day 177…it’s day 168

I knew it looked too good to have only 5 days left.

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