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Year 2- Day 175- speaking on fulfillment

by admin on May 17th, 2005

Work for anyone, is about fulfillment. If you feel fulfilled in what you do, chances are work is probably fun a great deal of the time. When you come home at the end of a day, and can look back and say… .I DID something today that was worthwhile, I helped out, and feel like I made my workplace better just by being there; when you can say that at the end of the day, work is good.

I feel totally unfulfilled here.

I have small moments where I feel like I did something worthwhile, but they’re few and far between. Not enough to make me look forward to coming, that’s for sure.

I know what fulfillment feels like in work. Let me get off my captains’ ship for a second and tell you.

Now, I’m not here to preach, or pour out my religious beliefs on you, but my example deals strongly with my faith, and religion. If you don’t want to know how the Lord has helped me, then you should stop reading.

I’m going to Africa on a Mission this summer. I’m going because quite honestly, I know God WANTS me to go. How do you know?

I can’t really describe it other than it was a very strong pull inside that made me pursue it in everyway.

Do you have doubts?
Yes, I have them all the time. The first doubt was, I really wanted to know for sure if I was even being called to this particular emission’. I did what any Christian would do- I prayed.

What did you pray for?
Well, I prayed of course that God would let me know if he really wanted me to go on this trip. It would be financially difficult, nearly 4 weeks away from home, hard work, and most importantly… at the time I began praying, it wasn’t even a job I was qualified for.

Like I said I felt a draw to this mission, and I WAS NOT QUALIFIED for it. The original blurb in the bulletin was for a construction job. I’m no eBob the Builder’ that’s for sure. If I was meant for this job, the job was going to have to change to fit MY qualifications.

It did. The next week the job changed to asking for a Male Cook.

But you’re a teacher, Captain! Not a chef!
You’re right. I am a teacher, but I can cook pretty darn well though… and it’s something I really enjoy doing. The point is it fit ME. Is it God answering my prayer, or total coincidence? You can decide. I thought it might be coincidence. I prayed again that if the job was for me, it’d still be available.

We have a church w/ a membership of over 500 people, so conceivably, it could filled quickly. I waited 2 weeks before finally calling

I called and it was still OPEN. I signed up to go.

I was at the time, looking for a new job as well (I’ve posted that here). If I took a job somewhere else, that was going to obviously, force me to move during the summer, and not be around for a trip to Africa. I continued the praying, and had 2 dreams. Whether or not you believe in having things revealed to you from God through dreams is entirely up to you.

I had 2 dreams, the night of my prayer, strangely, they dealt with the 2 issues I was contemplating. Keep in mind, I was equally excited about the prospects of both. If you’ve read this page for any number of days, you know- I HATE WORKING HERE. I would have been as pumped to get a sign to pursue my job search, as I would have been to go spend 4 weeks in the bush.

The dreams I had basically, informed me I was to go to Africa. Things went very well in the Africa dream, and VERY poorly in the Job dream. Was it ANOTHER sign? You decide…

But you’re still looking for a job? You just sent out resume’s…
True…but I’m not taking anything that requires me to miss my mission trip. If it’s meant for me, they’ll work around the mission.

I still wasn’t convinced though, and neither was my wife. (This is where it gets even more crazy.)

My wife was DEAD set against me going. As far away from supportive as you could be, she was. It was “NO, you’re NOT going…end of discussion.” You don’t know my wife, but trust me, she meant it.

There was also the issue of funding. The trip is going to cost nearly $2,000, and my wife said we’d only commit $750 to the trip. (it was money we already designated to give the church anyway) Her thought was basically, if it IS God’s will, then the money should be no problem.

Both of these things needed to be covered.

How did you get your wife to support you?
If my wife was going to support me going on what she saw as a ivacation,i she wanted a trip too. At this point in time, she had nothing lined up for any kind of vacation. I prayed about that… and within a week, her friend form out of town was calling her to go on a trip for a week. they were going to go to France, but that fell through.

Well Did she didn’t get a trip then did she?
They ended up in Jamaica, but still. Prayer answered. My family also stepped up to provide support with babysitting, the entire time I’m gone. Every concern she’s had has been filled…whether or not she realizes it. She went from being anti-trip, to actually being fairly excited for me too.

Well how’d you get all that money?
The money, that’s another issue. If you can do math, I needed roughly $1200 in order to go (minus our $750), that had to come from somewhere. I prayed, and sent off letters to friends, family, and people who attended my church iforming them of the trip, and asking for donations. Now, I’ve never done that before… just send off letters to people asking for financial support. I figured it seemed slimy, and pretty low.

I was surprised that not only did people give me money, they were EXCITED for me, and the project. These were people I wouldn’t expect to give me money either. I’m still not able to cover everything on my trip yet, but the tickets, and food/supply money has been covered. I have absolute faith the rest will come.

What is this trip about?
The mission itself, just to inform you deals with building part of an orphanage complex in Southern Africa, to house children who have lost their parents to HIV/Aids. I’ll be doing the cooking, or half of it. 7 other men will be doing the building part. To make it even better, I’ll also be doing the photography, and video work as well… to utilize my artistic abilities.

How is this fulfilling for you?

It’s like this. With this job A) Everything I need is provided for me. B) My boss (God) wants me at this job; in fact, he selected me, and wants to fully utilize MY abilities and strengths to their maximum potential. It’s nice to be asked to do a job you’re actually qualified for. C) When you have someone who WANTS you to do something for them, and has faith in you to do it, [in fact they’ve selected you, and provided all your essentials]… it’s refreshing, and funny, it makes you want to work hard.

I feel fulfilled completely in everything I do with the mission, even if it’s only an hour long meeting. I feel like I make the team better, just by being there; people are happy I’m there. I’m not sure everything I’m bringing to this team yet, but I do know I belong there… and if I weren’t there, the team wouldn’t be the same.

Now that I know what total fulfillment in work feels like, I am more fully aware how UN-fulfilled I feel here. With the emission’ I read entire books in 3 nights, do research, make plans, check information, etc. It all seems effortless. Here It takes every fiber of my being to even make the drive in the morning.

Well how come God hasn’t provided you a better job yet if he knows this?

I know he will, it’s just a timing thing, and that’s not MY time table. I’m sure it deals with focusing on one task at a time. I get frustrated a lot and try to force the issue, wishing things would happen quicker. I get ahead of His schedule; one thing at a time. Once I get back from Africa, I think things will improve on the job front. I just know I look forward to the day when coming to work, even if it’s here, feels as fulfilling as the mission does.

You done preaching yet?
Once again, I’m not sure the religious backgrounds of all my reader(s) and I’m not trying to discourage you from reading. This is just what I’ve come to know as truth in my life. I hope the examples I’ve given helps to clarify why I feel this way. You’re free to feel it’s coincidence, and not divine intervention or guidance. We’ll just have to disagree on that. If what you read makes you think about a part of your life that may be missing, or lacking fulfillment… then maybe you too could try Praying- Jesus listens.

It works for me

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