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Year 2 Day 173- Oh officer, my officer…

by admin on May 13th, 2005

Friday should be a good day right? Not this one. I wish it was still Thursday.

I got pulled over this morning by a motorcycle cop. I’m not sure if it was Ponch or John, (looked more Ponch like though) but I got nailed for 48 in a 35. I was keeping up with the flow of traffic. It’s not like I was flying past people, or anything.

I’m not saying I wasn’t going 48. I just hate when cops sit around looking for people to write up. They always pick the spots where the speed limit is always sketchy anyway. That’s why they sit there…they know people think the limit is one thing, but go another…so they can give a trunkload of tickets. If I thought the limit was 35 I’d have gone 38-40, maybe….but I thought it was 45.

I now have to decide whether or not to go to court. I’m not sure what my defense would be. iI was going 48 miles an hour… .but… ..uhm… I’m not so sure it was unsafe… .I was uhm… ..singing along to the music… .and well… .i

I guess I have to pay my fine, and go to traffic school, which I’m NOT looking forward to. Traffic school sucks.

The funniest part of the whole ordeal was the cop saying, iThanks for your time,i as he handed me my ticket.


After the ticket I should’ve turned around and went back home. This can’t be a good way to start the day.

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