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Year 2 Day 172- Carp, Cradad’s, and Breakdancing

by admin on May 12th, 2005

This week is so friggin’ long. I keep thinking it seems like Friday, only it’s not, it’s Thursday.


These last few weeks are determined to drag by; the first 85% of the year flew by, now it’s like a clogged sink.

I keep hearing all this talk about us needing to pack up our stuff for the next move taking place this summer. I’ve got news for the district. I’m not packing anything.

I’ll pack up my personal belongings, and anything I fear becoming broken, but other than that, it’s not in my job description… sorry.
I see the way the district treats so many of its employees, and I have a hard time doing anything iextrai for them. Out of the kindness of my heart, I do sometimes, but it’s hard.

I was offered a new student for home schooling today. Normally I’d jump at the chance to make a few extra clams before the school ended, but the kid has iinfectious mononucleosisi

Let’s see…potentially energy depleting virus…with kids at home…a huge trip planned this summer…..uhm, no.
I’m not subjecting myself to THAT for anything. I appreciate the offer, but I’m going to go ahead and decline. Maybe if I were single, I’d do it. I could get sick, and file worker’s comp the rest of the year.

I overheard to kids today discussing the intelligence of a carp.

iCarp are stupid, and I caught this hella big one… i Says one of the kids, telling his buddy his, ibig fishi story…

iActually carp are pretty smart… i

i… i

iA lot smarter than catfish… .i

iHow do you know?i

iWell… .i

iCarp are a stupid ass big fish… i

It was the most entertaining 5 minutes of the day. The only thing that came close was the one girl who showed me her new pet crawfish and goldfish she got out of the science room.

iI’m gonna put eem in a bowl… .and buy one of dim’ sharks to put in too.i

ioh.i I say, I have no idea how to respond to a coffee can filled with rocks, a crawfish, and a gold fish….and adding sharks to the mixture? Well, that’s just odd.

“You think oneof them sharks will eat them both?”

“I don’t even know how or if you could combine them all…”

iYou think the crawdad will eat the fish?i

iI have no idea to tell you the truth… I doubt it.i

iYeah they eat bacon and stuff huh’, I’m gonna feed him bacon… i

iYeah, they prefer bacon when human flesh isn’t available… i


iYeah they’d prefer to eat your fingers, but bacon’s good too… bacon’s good.i

iYou’re lying… i

iYes, I am.i

School Website

I always get a lot of comments throughout the year about my picture on the school website. I didn’t want to put anything on there at all, but they made me… so I put on my “bio” I was an avid break dancer, and sound poet. I made sure the picture looked like I was in pain as well. That’ll learn ’em

Kids try to get me to break dance all the time.

I tell them in order to preserve their dignity and that of others, I’ve chosen not destroy people on the dance floor anymore.

They don’t get it.

“So you ain’t gonna do it?”

“No. It’s a big joke. All of it…”

School websites, while somewhat necessary always look so horrible. Very few schools have the ability, technology, or student power to generate a decent one. They’re all made with Front Page, and a .007 mega pixel camera. There’s usually some wacked piece of clipart doing a jig on the bottom of the page to the midi song that’s blaring in your ear.

None of the kids or parents I’ve talked to ever use them.

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