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Year 2 Day 170- The force is poorly acted with this one.

by admin on May 23rd, 2005

I saw Star Wars, and I liked it. Well, I liked every part that Anakin and Padme didn’t open their mouths in conversation with each other. I know dialogue isn’t the strong point of any of the Star Wars movies, but those two had the WORST love scenes in anything that didn’t have an X rating.

I liked the graphics better in this film, they looked more realistic, I think films are actually getting pretty believable CG wise now.

Was it just me, or when Padme was in childbirth, did she look, well, like she wasn’t? I’ve witnessed 2 births now from the front row, and well, it’s a little more extreme then that. It’s PG-13, you can do a little better George.

I mean seriously, she’s got twins, her man just went Dark on her, and she’s got a robot with fins prying around her goodies. I’d think she’d be hysterical. I figured she’d give Obi Wan an earful.

iAnakin… .That M-F’r… .I can’t believe he turned to the Dark Side, Piece of S***!!!, I hope you sliced his ass up. I should’ve Known he was Dark… said he’d protect me… looks like he didn’t do so hot.i

She named those kids really quickly too, and without hardly any anguish.

iuhm… .Luke, LUKE.i

iOh Lea,… i

Plus, those were some BIG ass babies, for twins, and how big her tummy was. I mean I know the force was strong with them but, jeez.

Somehow, in the span of episode III to episode IV Obi Wan underwent about 40 years of aging. He looked about 30 in episode III, then he looks like he’s in his 70’s in episode IV… which is due in part to the fact it’s different actors and what not… but still.

There also wasn’t anywhere close to enough Wookiee action. I expected some sort of connection with a young Han Solo, or something, but other than Chewie giving Yoda a killer muppet piggy back, there wasn’t anything for me. I was also saddend to find Chewie was in fact, a runt amongst Wookiees.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Captain… you are complaining about the accuracy of a birth scene in a Star Wars movie.

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