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Year 2 Day 170- Big Ups

by admin on May 11th, 2005

I need to make a correction; In fact the truffle I received was from our union association. OUR DISTRICT, one upped the bid giving us a Maya Angelou quote on a piece of decorated paper, and a daily planner for next year emblazoned with the district logo on it.

These aren’t you’re special planners.
They aren’t filled with inspirational quotes, color dividers, or even hard bound.
These are the type you get FOR FREE in the office, at the beginning of the year, and could get for free throughout the year should said planner be lost, burned, or left in urinal.

I am fascinated however; by the fact the district even makes an effort. I know what they think of me. A bag full of crap would have been more truthful, with an inspirational quote like, iWe think you stink at teaching, rot in hell bitch.i

What am I or any of the teachers really going to do with this planner? We all have them.

I am tempted, just for the sake of being an a-hole, to write the district a letter thanking them for the planner.

Dear —-SD,

I’d just want to thank you for the lovely academic monthly planner. I love its antique blue color, and durable fake leather cover. I can NOT wait until the next academic year until I can fill it’s now pristine pages with plans of the fun and exciting things I will do with students. I only wish it were larger, to hold all those plans!!! (wink wink) I am particularly fascinated with the meaningless facts that adorn each month’s top left corner. I had no idea the guy who wrote the Addams Family was from New Jersey. I can’t wait to tell the students.

It’s so thoughtful of you to think of us on this day of the teacher. WHAT A GREAT DISTRICT! I’m so glad that you care enough to make sure not a week goes by that we won’t be able to check our meetings and appointments. Did you know that the back of the planner as ALL the States abbreviations? How handy! It also has a list of all the presidents, and the years they served office. That will come in handy for we continuation teachers that teach out of our subject area. I can’t wait until the kids try and pull that Martin Van Buren question out again.

Just like is written inside the cover… ‘products that say thank you 365 days a year.’ I cannot express the thanks I feel for receiving such a thoughtful and practical gift.

Sincerely yours,

I’m glad I haven’t won any major awards, I’d hate to see the generosity that poured forth from our district then.

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