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Year 2- Day 169- Much disgust for my job I have…

by admin on May 20th, 2005

One thing I like about teaching art is the skills I possess. I’m not saying I’m the best artist in the world, or anything like that. BUT, I went to school for 6 years doing mostly art, add high school, and basically all my life… and I’ve developed a set of skills. When a kid comes up and says iHey could you help me draw the wheels of this car?i
I can, and usually, I can do it within a matter of minutes. It always impresses the kids, and makes me feel like I actually know something.

Where as when a kid comes up with a government question 90% of the time I have to say, iUh, I don’t know, let me check… .i

not quite as impressive.


First off, I just want whomever came up with slogan, “Sith Happens” for the new Star Wars movie to take a step back, and let someone kick you in the jewels over and over until you pass out, for making the worst slogan ever.

So I’m seeing Star Wars tonight. I remember when Star Wars came out, I was 4. I’d seen the previews on TV, and found out my mother was going to see it, without me. I flipped out, and she ended up taking me. I loved the movie, and each of the 2 that followed it. I liked it because it was so unlike anything I’d seen before.

When the first prequel came out, I was really excited, it brought back memories of how much I liked the original 3. I’ll admit, I even slept on the sidewalk for a ticket (only one night). I also did it to hang out with my friends. Honestly, sleeping on the pavement was as fun as it would have been sitting in someone’s house for the evening.

Once I saw the movie, I was ticked that I’d spent 12 hours of my life sleeping on the curb to see such a crap movie. Of course, I managed to justify it at the time saying, iwell it was OK I guess. Maybe I was tired, and need to give it another try?i

The more I look back, the more that movie just sucked. Needless to say there was no camping out for the 2nd installment. I think I may have watched it the first night because tickets were available, but I was in no real hurry. It was better, but not by leaps and bounds.

I love Star Wars, I had all the toys growing up, watched all the movies over and over. Hell, I even sat through the Ewok Adventure on TV. For as much as I loved the movies, I never ONCE thought to myself… iWOW, I really want to dress up like Nien Nunb and go show off for a week waiting for tickets.i

In fact, if I ever wrote a book about Star Wars geeks, I’d title it, “Too many Sotrm Troopers and not enough Nien Numb’s”

I remember when Return of the Jedi came out, and I was watching TV, I was pretty young, like 10 or 11… and I saw people camping out weeks ahead of time at Mann’s Chinese Theatre. I thought then… iwow, I can’t believe people spend the night for tickets… don’t they have jobs?i
How do you run that by your boss?

“Hey sir, I won’t be in this week, I’m sitting outside the cineplex with Han and Chewie waiting for Sith tickets….hope that’s ok.”

Over the years, I’ve always laughed at all the people who dressed up like Storm Troopers, or Darth Vader. I wonder what a convention is like where 47 people dress up like Lord Vader? I’ve been to a civil war reenactment and there aren’t 47 General Lee’s running around.

I’m confused by it all.

The funniest part of this episode is that people here, in a relatively small town, started camping out for this on Mother’s day. iHey mom, I’d like to spend the say with you, but I’ve got to get Sith tickets, so why don’t you grab some T-Bell, and meet me at the theatre.i They spent over a week living in tents, in the rain, and having light saber fights to get tickets. When they announced that tickets were available online… they stayed, to get good seats.

I don’t get it, but its people like that who ruin Star Wars for the rest of us. It’s the only movie I’ve gone to other than the Rocky Horror Picture Show where people applaud, and cheer during the movie. I’m afraid if I even get a little excited about the movie, people might lump me in with those people, especially after they find out I slept on the pavement once.

I’m going though, tonight… and just for the sake of my enjoyment; Star Wars freaks, could you please tone down the applause, and remove your Jedi hood, so I can see.

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