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Year 2 Day 169- Legalize it.

by admin on May 11th, 2005

I guess it’s iDay of the Teacheri We all got chocolate truffles in little boxes with pink bows.

iYou’re so valued, and appreciated… .here have a piece of chocolate.i

I feel so much better now. 1 of our students brought in a dozen doughnuts, that was nice.

I saw a girl with a sweatshirt that read, eLegalize it today… smoke it tonight.i It had pot leaves all over it. My question is… who really looks at that and says…
iMAN, that’s what I need… that’s exactly how I feel! I need it on a swetshirt.i

It’s not like the fact that Marijuana is illegal stops them from smoking it. It becomes an ad that says… YOU , the general public COULD be smoking weed by this evening if ONLY they would legalize it. YOU too could enjoy the sensation of being high, and eating all your parents cookies with the legalization of grass.

Like I’m supposed to look at that and think to myself, man… I never thought about that. I could LEAGALIZE IT today, then SMOKE it that evening… I really need to advocate for pot. Why haven’t I?

I don’t get kids sometimes. Do they wake up and go… iHey, it’s a nice day… where’s my pot sweatshirt?i

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