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Year 2 day 168- District on Fire

by admin on May 10th, 2005

Damn. 18 days of kids left, and I can barely handle it. I’ve just no motivation left, none, zip, ka-put.

This is one of those times, where I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere, I just can’t see it. Its there, I’m just not sure how long I have to drive in this tunnel before I get there. It gets worse day by day. This is all for a grander reason, I’m just not sure what.

If I weren’t married with kids, I’d just quit… work anywhere else, even substitute. I have no desire to even try to motivate the kids this last part of the year. The ones who are going to graduate are already motivated… the rest could care less, they’re here because their parents, or the court make them come.

This district makes no sense. I understand they’re trying to cut any expenditure they can, at whatever the cost. It just doesn’t make sense to piss off their entire employee, student, and parent base in the process.

I can see them sitting in a meeting seriously saying. iOk here’s the plan… .we’ll bring in new teachers every year, to fill positions, so we never have to pay above the minimum salary, eventually, all the older teachers will retire, and we’ll replace them with new teachers, and all our district will be paid the $34,500 base salary. They’ll all try hard so they don’t get released. We’ll just keep hiring new teacher every year, and if they coach, we might keep them around longer, until they start to lose… then BAM they’re gone too. We’ll start combining schools to save MORE money, and eventually, we’ll have one gigantic campus.i

If I only had more sick days, I’d be so much more productive at home.

I’m holding out hope for something, but the options I see, aren’t good. I’m just not feeling much like moving again.

I guess this district could not find someone to take the Art job, and move me there last minute… although I’ve heard that they hired a wife of some teacher that already worked there, or is coming to town. Knowing this district, they probably wanted a specific coach, and told him they’d hire his wife to teach art, if he took the job.

That’s the way they work. Find someone, recruit them, then fire or remove anyone that might be in that spot, whether or not they can justify it at all. That’s another reason they never keep people around more than 2 years… then it becomes too hard to remove them, or drive them out… .they have to do things like stick them in continuation school until they leave at their own will.

I just hope whomever they hire understands they’ll have me ramming my superior art students down their throat at every opportunity.

Whoever gets that job is my #1 enemy, automatically, and they didn nothing to deserve….they can thank the district.

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