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Year 2 Day 166- Down goes captain, DOWN GOES CAPTAIN

by admin on May 9th, 2005

How’s this for irony. The other high school art job I was holding out for isn’t being advertised, because they’re letting the art teacher from their continuation school transfer over… fitting.

It’s just another reason why I hate the people running this district.

I heard from several different sources this weekend that I should not trust the new principal for next year. That was funny, different unrelated sources saying that. More colorful metaphors were used by some of the sources, but the end point was the same… .he can’t be trusted.

So the news of that job being filled was a huge bummer, and might have done in all the motivation I have left for the remainder of the year. If I had any sick time left, I’d have taken it all this week, and just driven away for awhile.

I’m still going to finish the art curriculum, although now I have considerably more time.

Technically I still have the out of state jobs, but unless the situation is ideal for me job wise, and home wise, I’d rather stay.

So that’s the news for now. I’m still here, dejected, but here.

If I weren’t so competitive, and wanted to take the easy way out, I’d just file for stress leave the remainder of the year, at the districts expense. That’d mean they were close to breaking me though, and they’re not.

Remember near the end of Rocky 3, where Rocky finally decides to stop being a wuss, and try, he and Apollo have these running races, and boxing practices, all capped off by an eerily homosexual romp in the waves, after the race Rocky finally wins on the beach?

I’m not comparing myself to that, I just wanted to know if you remembered it, and thought it was peculiar?

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