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Year 2 Day 164- The districts bitch.

by admin on May 5th, 2005

The worst part about this curriculum writing project I’ve taken up is, I’m getting excited to have all this information, and lessons, and I want to teach them. It’d be really frustrating to HAVE it, then just sit and look at it, because I never got to use it. It’d be the equivalent of making a huge meal, then sitting and watching it spoil.

The rumors in this district keep flying about all these proposed changes that are happening for next year. People will be let go, transferred, etc. I personally don’t care, transfer me. They couldn’t transfer me to a worse place. They have to give me a teaching job next year, so either it’s here, or somewhere else. If it’s somewhere else it’d have to be Art, or some form of independent study teacher. Both would be upgrades.

This district isn’t about to move me.

They hope I rot, or quit.

One day though, One day… I’ll get out of here, and then the fun will really start.

Today the motivational level is about 1 out of 10. The funny thing is, it’s not just me. Every teacher here has had it. I heard a great story about another district teacher who recently quit.

Apparently he was having a lot of issues with bitchy kids and parents, and he wasn’t getting the support he wanted, he had over 25 years teaching, so he quit. The superintendent asked,

iSo you want us to fly your job for next year?i

His reply,

iNo, I want you to fly it for next week, I’m gone.i

He’s my hero. How awesome would that feel? To have your stuff so together you could tell your district to stick it, and leave whenever you wanted. After I have 30 years accumulated, I’d do something like that… but I can’t now, I have to crumble to the districts whims and wishes.

That sucks.

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  1. Jess permalink

    I’ve been where you are, dude. Hopefully in a year or so (I so much hope it’s less than a year) you’ll be able to go back and read this and see how you’re in a much better place.

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