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Year 2 Day 161- P.S. you suck.

by admin on May 2nd, 2005

I’m done.

I’ve had it.


I get burnt out earlier and earlier each year. I’m not sure why I bother. I really don’t get any satisfaction from what I do, I just collect a paycheck. I can’t even enjoy my 1 art class, because they saddle me with all these other classes I detest.

I’d like to work harder. I just can’t get motivated in the slightest to teach a bunch of crap classes, all while working for a district that wants me to rot away in this spot.

Treating someone the way this district treats me, and a lot of other employees is a good way to secure that someone puts in minimal effort, and turns totally apathetic to the district.

This district constantly harps up the fact that everyone needs to work on promoting the districts reputation in the community. There’s a reason it has this reputation, actually, there’s a lot of reasons, here’s some;
1) Staff find out about school merger’s in the newspaper, not from the district. It’s like the basketball player who finds out on the news he got traded, not from the coach or GM.
2) People get moved from sites without being warned ahead of time.
3) The district conducts studies on site conditions, never telling the staff ahead of time there’s a possibility of school closure. They wait until the day before the closure 6 months after the test began.
4) The district puts teachers in spots where they aren’t qualified or happy, thus affecting the district, and the students.
5) People are removed from jobs without warning (our principal) or even informed that they needed to improve… leading to speculation that people are removed to specifically make way for certain individuals pre-selected at earlier times. (i.e. we’ll keep so and so until this guy is available, then we’ll put him there)
6) Good teachers are replaced by teachers with coaching experience.
7) Good teachers voluntarily leave this district for lower pay.
8) This district has been referred to as ia farm league.i
9) Haven’t built a new school in 40 years at least, when the need for one was apparent at least 10 years ago.
10) Haven’t given their teachers a raise (even C.O.L.A.) in 4 or 5 years.
11) Teachers hear about changes in assignment through rumors, and other people, rather than someone from the district.
12) Promise teacher transfers, then deny them. (not me, although they did call to make sure I applied)

That’s just a few of the reasons. When you deal with that on a daily basis it wears on you. I’m sorry, I’m not impressed having the district newsletter tell us ihey good job this year… .way to hang in there.i That does nothing for morale. If the superintendent came to us himself and said thanks for this or that… that might mean a little more. We never received any thanks for packing up our whole school and moving it, in 5 days. No letters, no phone calls, not even when he was here in person did he stop in to tell anyone, ithanks for putting up with packing and moving your whole school in the middle of the year.i

Imagine if your boss did the following to you.

A) Put you in an office as a financial consultant, when your background was in grant writing, or selling radios, basically something you’re not qualified or interested in. Then once you were there, they never spoke to you, or said anything encouraging, just harped on you to get better qualified at your consulting position.
Your clients would be like, “He’s a nice guy, and told me some awesome things about radios, but I’m not sure I learned anything about my financial future.”
B) Called you in on Friday and told you, iYou need to move your entire office, and everything in it to a different building across town, and be ready for work in 3 days.i Then after you moved, and worked to get it done. They never told you thanks, or even acknowledged the pain it was. Keep in mind they didn’t tell the people who’s office you’d be sharing when you moved, until that day too. “Oh by the way, there’s another office that’s going to be here sharing your building starting tomorrow…clean those rooms out.”
C) When a position in the same company opens up that you’re trained in… they call you and tell you to apply, and make sure you get your paperwork in. Then they deny you a transfer despite your qualifications, basically telling you that iwe’ll take our luck with who ever else is out there before we’ll take you.i
D) Then they tell you, oh by the way, you’re moving offices AGAIN in 6 months.
E) When you have an office reception for the public, the boss shows up, (to look good for the public and tell jokes), but still never thanks the employees for their hard work. It’d be like a general in the Army showing up after the war was over, taking all the credit, then never thanking his troops before he left.
F) Your boss hires a new manager for your dept. who is responsible for 1) screwing over 75% of your current clients 2) denying the transfers of 25% of the employees who worked there 3) pawned off telling his future employees of their denied transfers himself, to his secretary.

That’s what it’s like here. What if at your work your boss, and managers never praised you, or did anything to help you feel like you mattered, or to help you WANT to come to work everyday?

Could you hack it?

I have for 5 years…

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  1. Paco permalink

    Nope, I would have quit years ago. But obviously our 2 situations are quite different.

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