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Year 2 Day 158- The let down.

by admin on April 27th, 2005

So I’ve heard that the job that I’m waiting for at the other high school for next year may not even be advertised, meaning that they’re planning on transferring from within, or something along those lines. That’d be frustrating. I’d like to at least think I have a shot at it, or be in competition for that job. It’s also frustrating that other districts have no problem transferring within, yet ours does. A result of this is, I’m a little on the grumpy and depressed side today. I’m still going to finish those curriculum guides regardless. Then I can at least have something to wave at our principal next year, even though he basically has no faith in me, and called me kremit.

I’ll show it to him though, and give him the option to use it, or go ahead and send me further into a world of economics and government. I can’t take another year of that crap, seriously. I could do SOME economics, but I absolutely have NO interest in government. None. Zip. Nadda.

I just wish that I’d found out later about the plans to transfer within the district, I mean I was staying motivated and focused based on the assumption I’d be applying for that job, this news puts a damper on my spirits, and focus. We’ll see. Everything happens for a reason. I’m not sure about the reasoning behind all of this yet, but it’ll pan out somehow. I hope.

If it doesn’t, look for me on CNN, wielding a government book and a bad attitude.

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  1. Paco permalink

    I wouldn’t change your focus at all based on what you heard. I’d still plow ahead.

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