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Year 2 Day 156- Home again…

by admin on April 25th, 2005

It’s the first day of session six.
It’s the final stretch home.

I think I can make it, and I think I’ll be able to get those curriculum guides done, but what I really need is a portable CD burner. That would allow me to take all my work, and burn it to a CD, and all the images I’ve gathered. I have a 500Meg zip disk, but that’s not going to hack this job.


I ended the conference the way I thought. I went back to the club for investigative purposes. I only stayed 5 more minutes, because, well, it sucked inside, and was too cramped. I managed to check on that waitress without looking to creepy, I was right, it was the girl from elementary school… rat-like features will give you away every time.

I wasn’t going to talk with her. That would have been too weird.

iHEY, You went to ************* Elementary school, huh? I remember you.i

I mean then I’d have to explain, I didn’t remember her because I talked with her, or knew her all that well, but she had strong rodent like qualities, and those stuck with me.

I went outside before going to bed for one last smoke (my bad, occasional habit) There were two ladies out there talking about having inaughty lady partiesi I’ve heard of those. I was eavesdropping, playing the fly on the wall, and finding out more until a group of loud people came out and ruined their conversation.

iSo there’s this lotion, but it’s more tingly, like warm tingly… my man loves it.i

iOOOOOOOH I was in this store, and they had these candles, and like, the lady said that they melt, like into your skin when you drip it on someone… .i

iCooooooooool… .I’ve heard they can taste too..i

iYea- one time I- i

This is when the loud group came out, which included Eddie Murphy’s female dancing twin. They disrupted what was shaping up to be an interesting conversation, so I went in and went to bed.

The morning was pretty interesting, I slept in until 9, which wasn’t really that late, but it felt good. We had a brunch that lasted 2 hours… the lady in charge of the state continuation school board talked forever, and gave out awards to nearly everyone she knew for any number of random duties they performed. It took forever, then they had the state teacher of the year from last year speak, then gave out the district state teacher awards, followed by the state teacher of this year award, followed by her speech. The funny thing was her little biography talked about how high energy she was… and then she was more like a sedate Emo Phillips. I didn’t get that high energy vibe from our state teacher of the year. I decided that had I won, I would go up there and just say.

iI have two words for you all… Waffle Bar.i

Then leave.

I spent the time after the awards brunch helping move televisions. I did get my TV, although my wife wasn’t pleased I spent my conference money on a TV, rather than putting it in savings. You can’t tell me if you had the opportunity to buy a$350- 32i TV with your left over food money you wouldn’t do it. I figured if nothing else, I have a friend who is currently rocking a 10i TV, and he’d buy a brand new one from me for $100, I’d make a profit, and he’d get a good TV for cheap. We’ll see, I’d like to keep it if possible, because it was a great deal, but if I have to sell it… I’ll just sell it.

The ride home went quickly, and before I realized it my weekend was over. Overall, I’d say it was as fun as last year. I’m coming to realize that the days of the huge district hospitality parties that run into the wee hours are over. The trip is more about just relaxing with colleagues, learning more about them, and letting them learn more about you. It really helps build the rapport with one another, so you feel like there are other teachers here who are generally interested in your best. The more I talk to some of the teachers who have been here awhile, the more I come to realize that this group that is here now is the most cohesive they’ve had, ever.

There were a few people who went that we rarely saw. One lady, the big suitcase lady from last year, we saw her very rarely. She ate with us at the meals the conference provided, and we saw her briefly at the hospitality room, other than that, she was off with her other friends. One of our secretary’s came and we saw her for about 20 minutes total. Our principal, who should’ve been going crazy and living it up one last time at the districts expense, was hardly ever around.

This may have been the last CCEA conference I attend. On one hand, I hope it is, but on the other, I enjoy myself each year, and look forward to it. The main point is, that if I’m back next year that means I’m at this school again, and that’s not what I want.

I was interested to find in talking to my colleagues, that they can tell that this isn’t where I want to be. I’m not sure that’s a good thing entirely, but they do understand that I’m not being used to my potential here, and that I’m out of place, and unhappy. We’ll see.

A correction from one of my other posts: I said there 4 guys who looked like that guy from Fat burger, I meant Good burger, the movie good burger. It was my mistake, I apologize.

Today is half over, I’m hoping we don’t have a long meeting after school today, so I can get out of here, and go get those art assignments from my old teacher.

I doubt it though, things don’t work for me like that.

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