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Year 2 Day 153- Delivery

by admin on April 20th, 2005

Between the end of the session and the standardized testing, this week has been painful to endure. The session is over, grades are IN, the kids know this, so all work has ceased. Not to mention today is 4-20, which in continuation school terms means very low attendance due to consumption of excessive amounts of pot at an undisclosed location by our students. I think we were missing about Ohm of the kids today. My first period class had 3 out of 18 kids that showed up.

Life is pretty fulfilling when you’re clientele would rather huff a reefer than be educated.

Imagine if at your office 8 of 10 employees didn’t show up for work, and something like this transpired.

iWhere’s Evans today? For that matter, where’s over half our accounting team?i

iDon’t you know what the date is?i

iOf course I do, its April 20th… i

iYeah… ..i

iSo what?i

iEveryone is out smoking the reefer today… it’s 4/20 siri

The funny thing about HERE is that it’s not like these kids DON’T smoke marijuana on days that aren’t April 20th. They don’t need a reason to smoke pot, life itself is a reason, so for them to take a holiday to smoke it is funny to me. I think the testing has a lot more to do with it.

2 more days until conference time… .

I’m still working on the curriculum guide… it’s never ending. I’m in the Renaissance now at least, but that’s such a huge period of time that it’s really hard. Artistically it’s the first major period with tons of known artists and paintings, and sculptures, and buildings… it’s really hard to narrow it down.

I’m also starting to dread this summer, and next year, and all of its uncertainty. I need to call the school with the art opening, and talk to their principal just to call him, and let him know who I am. I’m worried though that I’m going to get labeled as soon as I say I teach at a continuation school, and not good labeled either. I don’t know if I can come back and endure another year of this crap, I have only a set limit of unfulfilling work in me, and it’s almost gone.

Its days like this where families are more hindrance because if I were single, I’d just go work at a pizza parlor delivering pizzas.

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