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Year 2 Day 152- Break yo’self fool.

by admin on April 19th, 2005

Today was/is one of those days, every teacher has them, but today I guess it’s my turn. We began our standardized testing today, which was true for most schools in the area. Our kids have a history of not performing particularly well on these tests, although, give them credit, they are higher than one would expect. That being said, they still detest these tests with a passion. 75% of them, will try their best though, despite the deep loathing they have for anything with the word itesti attached to it. We still have the others who refuse to participate at an acceptable level, meaning, they won’t try, don’t care, and get indignant when someone tries to make them. They try and break the land speed record for quickest time taking a test. On one hand I can’t fault them, the tests as designed now, really don’t have any affect on their futures, like the high school exit exam does. There is no need for them to try as far as they can see. Pride is something our kids don’t have when it comes to school work. For whatever reason, I have all the non-participants in my class this testing period.

I’ve been particularly stressed with this place in general as of late, so combining us (me and the non-participants) together hasn’t made for the best grouping.

I wanted to kill a particular kid today, or at least maim him seriously.

This kid finished his testing, (which was designated for 75 minutes) in about 10. I can read pretty fast, but nobody is that fast, especially here. I said; iso you’re done already huh? Wow! You must be pretty good. Go sit back down and wait for the 2nd portion to begin.i

iI already finished it too.i

iEven after I told you to NOT go ahead.i

iYup, this test is stupid… .i

iStill, you need to try your best, go back and try at least… i

iF*** this test. It’s F****** stupid.i

After that I sent a little letter to our VP (who is adamant when it comes to putting forth ones best effort on the test) saying he needed to give this student a little imotivational talki, meaning scream at him.

He called the student over, I assume, screamed at him, and after a short break we began the 2nd half of the day’s testing. My favorite student completed the entire test. The test is to be completed over 4 days, but somehow he finished it in 20 minutes.

iSo you finished the whole thing, wow, the VP is gonna be PISSED when he sees that, especially after he already talked with you this morning.i

iDon’t tell him.i

iYou KNOW I am… .i

iYeah cuz you’re a cry baby… i

This is the point I wanted to jump up grab his neck and proceed to beat him into a pile of mush. I’d have loved it. Unfortunately, we have rules prohibiting it, and being as he didn’t seem ready to throw the first punch, I had to just let him go sit down. I took his test to the VP, so he can deal with it from there.

At least 50% of the kids put forth what I would call decent effort, but all of them finished well before the allotted time was up. When they finish they can’t just sit and be quiet, or nap. (I find it particularly funny that these kids who LONG to sleep in class all the rest of the year, can’t nap when it’s asked of them) They just sit and complain the entire time.

iI’m bored, can I leave?i


iCan I go outside?i



iThey said to keep you all inside after testing.i

iCan I go play basketball?i

iIs it outside?i

i… i


I can’t wait for Friday.

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