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Year 2 Day 150- Thoughts….

by admin on April 15th, 2005


I’ve been working on that curriculum all day. It’s proving, still, to be a hard undertaking. What I need to do next week is swing by my old master teacher’s room, and get some copies of all his project assignments, or at least the good ones, then I can plug them in accordingly to where they best fit.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the finished year were 400 pages long. (with pictures and everything)

Once I get down what I think should be IN each year I, and II/III Then I can move back and forth between which assignments or lectures would fit best in each year, and which should be in which section, etc. I decided as far as Art History goes, I’m just going to work straight through all the periods, make the lecture notes, arrange the slides, etc… I’ll worry about what to put where when it’s all finished.


Yes, this time next week I’ll be in the State Conference, hopefully sitting by the pool with a cold one, or taking a nap… .either of the two are fine with me, and an activity I don’t get to partake of on a regular basis.

You know you’re getting old and settled down when you look at vacations, or getaways as ia good time to take a napi, and get really excited about the possibility.

iOOOOOOOOOH I might get to take a nap… wow, I can’t wait.i

Thank goodness I take enough of a step back to kick myself for being overly excited about napping, and go force myself to interact with people, but the idea of a good nap is always in my mind somewhere.

In anticipation for next week I’m going to write some goals and early observations down, just because…
1. I’m leaving early Friday. Awesome.
2. It’s only 2 Ohm hours drive.
3. I was offered tickets to go see minor league baseball, but it’s on Saturday night, and I’m not really sure WHAT else is happening that night, so I don’t want to restrict myself, pay $20 for a ticket, then not want to go. I declined.
4. The ehospitality rooms’ which have been so infamous over the past 5 years are rumored to not even exist anymore. I’m not sure the reasons behind their disappearance, I’ve heard, a) they were expensive, as you can imagine it would be, providing booze for 140 people all night long b) too many people got out of hand, which I could see. c) too many people were wandering about with drinks, and the hotels got wise, and cracked down d) they still exist, just not advertised. e) that is only true of one hotel, and we’re not going back there.
5. I have no idea what ieventsi are happening this year. I’ve heard its casino night again, but who knows. Last year, casino time turned into, sit by the pool and drink beer time.
6. I’m not sleeping on the floor. I’m not rooming with any administration
7. People are already wondering if the new administration will let us attend next year.
8. I have a lot of friends in Sacramento. I may have lunch with one or two of them.
9. I’m going to have fun.
10. I’m making it a goal to not attend any seminars by that lesbian author lady, whom I’ve been stuck with twice before.
11. I looked at the list of presenter’s and it’s slim. I didn’t see ANY I even remotely wanted to see. Usually, I find 1 or 2 that seem interesting, and attend those, but not this time. There aren’t any good options.
12. I’ll get my 5th man purse. Ever year we get these carry-all’s with pens and supplies in them, to put our stuff in, this will be my 5th.

(I Just checked the official schedule)

13. I just looked at the list, and hospitality suites are listed, cancel #4
14. There is a no-host reception at 6 on Friday. I’ll be there.
15. It looks like it’s NOT casino night, but a night of dancing. That sucks. Dancing was the worst event they’ve ever scheduled, except for the one year my friend and I danced a little, did some pop-lockin’, that was fun, but other than that only about 7 people stay to dance, the large suitcase lady being one of them.
16. There’s a workshop called ehip-hop language arts’ I’m going, if for no other reason it’ll be funny to write about… it serves me no purpose, at all, but it’s the most interesting one.
17. I think that might be the only meeting I attend. The others just don’t seem interesting. I’m sure I’ll just meander into a morning session somewhere, to avoid wandering, but I don’t know which one that is yet.

This is what I’m thinking a week prior to departure.
Next week will be one of very few posts, as I’ll be trying to gather considerable materials for my curriculum, and get that progressing.

For those of you who missed last year’s here it is…

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