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Year 2 Day 148- A method to my madness

by admin on April 13th, 2005

Writing an entire curriculum for Art is proving to be time consuming, and harder than I thought… and I can type pretty fast. For those of you contemplating something similar, it works like this.

Step I- Designate what components your class will comprise of. (i.e. in art, I have aesthetics, art history, projects, art critique, sketchbook, and gallery components)

Step II- Organize what you want to teach for each component.

Step III- Start making a progressive array of lesson to cover an entire year, for each component (make sure they adhere to the state standards by number)

Step IV- Realize there is way too much information to cover in art history And still get to all the other components-(there’s a reason art history overviews in college are broken in to 2 classes)

Step V- just try and whittle down the important areas of art history, I dare you. You find that most of the periods are important in some regards… I keep going through the lectures and saying to myself iwell, no, I can’t leave this part out, or that part, or… .that part, Can’t talk about Greece, and not Rome… which means can’t leave out early Christian art… and so it goes…

Step VI- Whittle down the periods of art so you can get to the important parts of the period, and not take 4 classes to cover it… otherwise it becomes it’s own class, and not merely a component

Step VII- Find all the images you’ll need for each lecture online, make sure you find good enough quality and size, and find a decent way to organize them on your computer.

Step VIII-Do the same for your project lesson plans, aesthetic lesson plans, etc…

Each assignment needs objectives, assessment, notes for lecture, slides, or examples…

It gets to be lengthy…

The only thing that keeps me motivated is the looks on the faces of the people who doubted me when I come back and wipe the mat with them.

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