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Year 2 Day 147- Read before you rip

by admin on April 12th, 2005


I guess a former student nominated me for a iwho’s who of American Teacher’si award thing, or recognition in some book. I guess it’s a honor, only student’s who have received some award can nominate a teacher, and only pick 1 from their entire career. I guess I feel lucky.

I need to fill out some biography to be in it. So I guess I’ll do that, once I tape it back together… I ripped it in half, a testament to the fact I get way too much junk mail, and just assume 99% of its garbage, without reading it.

I guess that learned me.

I guess I can put this on my resume as well.

-2005 nominated for some random award that I have never heard of

The weird thing about this is A) It seems kind of fake, like I’ve never heard of this book, or award before. B) I guess you make differences in people’s life for the better, and don’t even realize it. I know she appreciated the fact I pushed her to not turn in crap work, because she mentioned it at graduation last year, but to get nominated for something, even if it does seem fake, is still cool.

The funny thing is letters get sent to superintendents and principals letting them now how prestigious I am. I doubt they care.

Too bad I’ll be gone next year, all things falling in place like I want.

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