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Year 2 Day 146- Who’s got the biggest balls of them all?

by admin on April 12th, 2005


That was written on my board this morning when I came in. I believe it was put there by the after school program, and I always suspected they didn’t have any balls. I guess they do now.

So my principal came in this morning and mentioned, iSo I was thinking about it, and why are you taking Friday off for the conference, we normally leave later, there’s not much happening in the morning, doesn’t seem any real reason to leave early?’

The reason is, I want to. We got there too late last year, and we decided last year that we were taking the entire day off, regardless of time. Even if we lounge by the pool all day, we’re not getting there late again. It’s the one weekend a year our staff can get together, and just relax like people, not educators, and we intend to take full advantage of it. He’s freaking out because 3 other staff members are going down Thursday night, and another teacher and I are leaving Friday, which leaves 1 or 2 teachers here that day that WON’T be a substitute. The thing is, I understand why he’s freaking out because 90% of our staff will be gone, and he’ll be here alone until after school basically alone, But… .

It’s the last day of the session, which means, movies, all day long. There won’t be any discipline problems, kids will be watching movies all day long. It’s a cake walk for a day… really. He’ll live.

I’m not staying, regardless. He’d have to pay me a billion dollars to not take that day off, considering I suffered here at work ill several times to ensure I’d have that day available for myself.

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  1. Paco permalink

    Haha! Your work ethic is inspiring!

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