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Year 2 Day 146- This is you Shaq-tin speaking….

by admin on April 11th, 2005

Sorry I haven’t iwritteni in awhile, but I’ve been busy. Busy with what you ask. Well, being as I DID NOT get that transfer I wanted, I decided to take it personally. I figured, That I have more to offer a school than what is currently on display here, or even possible here, and the powers that be are NOT interested in having me, or even letting me try to succeed. I’m taking it so personally, in fact, that I’m thinking they basically want me to rot here, and hope that I do.

I thought the principal of that school (our new principal next year) was a friend of mine. I figured if you’d played cards with someone on several occasions, and attend the same church as that person, there should be some kind of bond there, or something-apparently not. I figured, someone who was professional, and had any kind of connection to another person would make the call to inform them personally that their transfer was not accepted. A simple, iHey thanks for coming down man, I know you wanted to come back here, don’t take it personal, but we always planned on opening it up to the public from the get go… so it’ wasn’t you.i

Something like that would have made me feel a little better. Passing the buck on to a lady in the office at the district was in my opinion, very unprofessional, and slimy. My opinion of that guy just dropped off the planet.

In retaliation to the injustice that I feel has been done at my expense, the lack of support, and the overall ill feelings shown to me by my district have led me to set to work on compiling COMPLETE year long curriculum guides for all the art levels I-AP. It’s quite the undertaking. It requires creating art history lessons, gathering images for power point presentations, assembling all the actual project lesson plans, handouts, mini lectures, sketchbook assignments, supply lists, linking everything with the standards, writing parent letters, etc. It’s quite the undertaking, and it’s eating up a lot of my time in class (between working with the students, and gathering this information, most of which needs to be written by me.)

When it’s finished I’ll be able to drop the combined binders on a prospective employers lap, and say ithere it is, the entire Art curriculum, each assignment adheres beautifully to the State standards, {as listed on each assignment}… it follows a nice progression from beginner to advanced, look at it, and love it.i

Hopefully the final product will be so impressive that I get hired based on it alone.


I had a girl suspended from school for a week, that was fun. I think I’ve mentioned her before, and how she’s pretty adamant about not doing any work, and just takes off and wanders about… she’s the one who iwasn’t going nowhere.i

She took off, one day last week, to inowherei I assume. She actually said she was going to the restroom. We live in a society now where denying a child the use of the restroom will get you sued, so unfortunately… when a student says
iCan I go wander around?i
You can still say iNO!i BUT……When they say,
iCan I go to the restroom then?i

You have to say, iyesi, which is terrible, and makes you look like a giant ass… and the kids always win. If you say no, and the kid is vindictive or just mean, they can say they ‘it was that time of the month, and I denied them their tampon rights, or they could I assume, wet themselves and really go after me. “I had to pee so bad I couldn’t hold it, and HE wouldn’t let me go.”

You laugh, but it has happend before.

So she went out to go to the bathroom, I had to let her, 15 minutes later she hadn’t returned, so I called security on her, to find out if she had drown—she hadn’t, she was wandering around outside, I told the security guard she wasn’t allowed to come back the rest of the day, because she was a liar, she could reside in the office. Apparently, she didn’t take kindly to this, and flipped out, cursed a few people up and down, myself included when she came back to get her belongings.

iWHAT????i She said as I sat watching her grumble around her desk.
iI didn’t say anything.i
iYou said F**** somethin’ cuz now I gotta go home. F*** This!!! F****** schooli
iHave a nice day.i

So she’s gone for 5 days… 5 blissful, wonderful days.

-We’re having our 750th blood drive of the year next week, that’s always fun.

-Next Friday is the State conference, I had almost forgotten about it, until my check for food and gas arrived today, not much is better than going away on a mini-trip paid for entirely by the district. The running diary is coming…although you’ll have to wait until monday for it…

It’s kind of nice talking with my principal now that he’s not coming back, and feels no loyalty to this district, we can be more candid with him, and he with us. He told me that the superintendent had this rule that when a teacher was being evaluated, if he could see any reason that there would be someone better out there, to not rehire them… well that’s true of everyone. There will always be SOMEONE who could do your job better, in any case. It’s no wonder nobody wants to come here, or stay here.

One thing I do know, is a fire has been lit beneath me now, and I’m not stopping until I sit on top of the mountain somewhere, watching this district suffer in ruin.

That NBA guy that gets traded away because his team gave up on him, then he comes back and torches them for 40 points and 12 boards the next time he sees them, and lets them know about each point, that’s me now. I’ll be like Shaq in Miami… (I don’t even like Shaq, but I kind of feel what he feels after LA basically dropped a deuce on him.)

SO until tomorrow,

Don’t fake the funk on a nasty dunk… .

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