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Year 2 Day 139- Say hel’o to my li’l friend.

by admin on April 6th, 2005

Well I got the call… and I was NOT selected to go back over to the high school. I figured that would be the case. I mentioned that the people in charge of that kind of decision A) tend to hold grudges B) be overly influenced by what other people think, and C) ALWAYS think they can do better, even at the expense of losing good people. It’s like the NBA GM who gives up on a prospect before they become really good. This district is just like that.

They player hate rather than congratulate, or participate.

The other teacher who was interviewed before me didn’t get it either, and he’d been told by the superintendent that he was going to get that job.

Goes back to the, this district ALWAYS thinks they can do better idea. What will happen is they’ll open up these jobs up to the public, they’ll screen the applicants, won’t find one who is good, or acceptable, (A lot of art teachers are total fruit cakes, trust me) then, when they’re unsatisfied with their applicants, they’ll come back to both of us, and try and move us there, as a last resort.

I ain’t nobody’s sucker… BELIEVE THAT.

They had 2 chances to get me over there… to get the best out of me, they botched at both of them, so now they lose. I’m going to go at that other job like a man possessed. Polish my interview skills, heck I may even design an online portfolio and put out a complete year long schedule of what happens in each class, just to look even better. THEN when I get hired at another school, I’m going to work like crazy to make it the cream of the crop in the art community, I’ll make sure my students get a lot of positive publicity, we’re going to be a force in all the local student competitions, even some statewide. I like being doubted, I like the fact that they basically have given me the finger twice… makes me angry, makes me want to show them upoI’m a competitive person, it’s the way I am. You doubt me, I will make it happen. There will come a day when they’ll be forced to look back and say… iMan, why did we do that.i

I had a teacher in College who basically in my credentialling program told me I’d never get a job, I had a lot of fun telling her I was the first in my class hired.

The credentialling program that wanted me to complete all this extra work at my 4-year school, and told me this and that, and tried to tell me they accepted me basically out of pity…I had fun sending them copies of my credential 1 year later.

Sometimes with me (and it’s unfortunate) I tend to put it in cruise control until someone pisses me off, or gives up on me, then it’s friggin’ on, and you’d better watch out.

It’s friggin’ on now.

I’m on a mission. If I’m forced to come back here next year, same thing goes… I’m going to push for art all the time, and make it my job to out do the other school in every way, shape, or form. The nice thing about these kids is they’re pretty spiteful and competitive as well, so merely telling them they have a chance to out duel the other school gets them pumped.

We’ll see what happened, but I’m taking this personally now, because obviously they have.

Gloves are off.

You’re gonna get hit.

The next question is where do you want it?

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  1. Paco permalink

    Focus on the OTHER job. The job you just interviewed will hire somebody totally new so they can pay them less.

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