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Year 2 Day 137- Interview

by admin on April 5th, 2005

Today is the day of the big interview. It’s supposed to be iinformali but I’m still wearing a tie. Why not right? My flu is subsiding a bit, which is good. I don’t have the chills, or aches I had yesterday, that’s the best part. I do have a killer sore throat though, but I’ll deal with that. It was the aches and chills that were killing me. I’m not sure what informal interviews consist of. Do we sit around discuss the weather, politics, and the starting rotation of the Marlins, all over Mocha Latte Frappichianatto’s? I guess I’ll know more at 3:45.

I have mixed emotions about going back there, should I get that opportunity. On one hand I feel like they had their chance, and passed on it, so too bad. On the other, I really don’t want to teach Economics and Government anymore. Should I get the transfer over there, there’s still the job opening at another high school in the area for next year. Do I apply for it? I would like to work there, I think. It would be nice to get a fresh start in a new district, with a program that needs some work. Do I want to leave them out to dry after they’ve given me what I wanted all along? Those are things I’m thinking about surrounding this interview.

The problem with going into a job where someone else has resided for so long is that they all expect you to be them. iWell such and such did things this way, and he was highly respected… i

I don’t want to go somewhere and be compared to someone else.


We had a kid puke all over the side walk in front of my class this morning. The consensus is that either A) he’d ate too much candy, or B) he was drunk. I have no leaning one way or the other. He just said he needed to use the restroom, then strolled outside, sat on the bench in front of my room, and spewed his guts out all over the sidewalk. There was a trash can 4 feet from the bench, yet he chose the sidewalk…that’s classy. The incident provided a lot of entertainment though. Kids and faculty members would walk by, notice the vomit pile, then leap back in disgust, mumble something usually containing profanity, and quickly move away. Finally, a janitor came and cleaned it up. It totally didn’t faze him. I bet that man has seen more than his fair share of puke.


I feel bad for some of the kids here who were thrown into this environment without fully comprehending what it entails. There are kids I see every year that arrive here from other schools, cities, or states outside this district. When they arrive, they’re quiet, and reserved, but basically they appear to be a pretty ok kid, who for whatever reason fell behind on credits, and ended up here. The majority of our clientele are smokers, who use other drugs, on an often more than recreational basis. They have pretty bad home lives, and carry around a lot of anger and resentment towards the world. When the new kids come here, these kids are now their peers. I see kid after kid get wrapped up in these new peer groups, and end up on the wrong track because of it. I’m not saying they didn’t have some issues before, but based on my first impressions of them when they arrived; they seemed to be good kids. When you’re young, a lot of how your personality and attitude are shaped is directly influenced by your peers. When you get put into a group that has leans towards doing bad things, you can’t help but be influenced by those people, especially when that group comprises a majority of the school.

In a typical high school you classes would have several people who would be classified as model students, having those type of kids around believe it or not helps by giving kids an option. When you attend a school where 95% of the student body smokes how hard is it going to be to not start eventually?


At our faculty meeting yesterday, a teacher mentioned that one of her students made mention of egoing Columbine’ in class. That’s the equivalent of saying ebomb’ at an airport. Needless to say the sheriff was called, and went and searched his home. The funny thing is, I could see this kid doing something like that. He’s kind of quiet, and not a real problem. Sometimes though, he just gets weird, like saying things or doing things that make no sense. One time he took some paint and was just painting his desk, and hands…we don’t even DO painting here, but here he was doing it anyway. He’d gotten the paints out of the after-school programs cupboard. According to one source, he’s been on suicide watch for awhile. I know he’s got some serious at home problems, but I’m not really sure what they are. They have to be affecting him pretty badly though. I like a little drama at our school, but I’m really not ready for gunfire.

One good thing about a school like this is that you get all the mal-contents and outcasts from the typical high school, and put them all together… they create their own dynamic. You no longer have the dirty kids romping about getting the daily ridicule of the popular, rich kidsoslowly burning, until they snap, and shoot someone. Most kids here are all in the same boat. They’ve all fallen from trees in the same orchard.

The fact that we have a kid on campus that is on suicide watch scares me. He’s obviously got no respect for his own life, so his respect for the life of others is probably down a bit further. I’m not sure what goes on in his life on a daily basis, but it’s got to be pretty bad to put him in this situation. You’d look at him and think… ihe’s totally harmless.i But there is a reason that people often say after a shooting, iI never would have suspected he’d do something like that, he was so quiet.i These people sit and slowly, and quietly burn, until they can no longer deal with it, then they snap.

I’ll just say this, if one of the kids here pulls some gangster gun crap, and tries to go nutty with a gun, and he doesn’t do a very good or accurate job, and I get a hold of him, He’ll be spending some quality time on the commode trying to pass that gun back out of his system.

Keep Pot OUT of Art.

I hate, hate, hate, HATE, when a student is working on what is shaping up to be a great art project, then they ruin it by adding a pot leaf to it. It’s usually in a pen and ink drawing, so once it’s in there, it’s hard to hide, or remove. I’m going to have to make a written rule- NO POT LEAFS IN ANY DRAWINGS. That’s what’s it’s come down to. You’d think it would be common sense that a pot leaf just isn’t acceptable in a school assignment, apparently not here.

I can’t tell you how many times in my own art work I’ve thought to myself, Wow, this is pretty good, but what it really needs is a pot leaf to give it that extra zing.

HAHA There should be a white trash nation somewhere, just like we have indian reservations, where they can grow all the pot they want, and run away from responsibility with no government support. They could have a flag with a pot leaf on it. You know that they would too. It’d be a confederate looking flag with a pot leaf, a pit bull, and probably a skull on it…because skulls are pretty cool.

I could go on all day about the white trash nation.

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