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Year 2 Day 136- Hack, Hack, Freeze, Freeze

by admin on April 4th, 2005

I’d say it’s good to be back, but once again, I’ve got a terrible cold. I’m not sure how I’ve been as lucky as to get TWO totally debilitating rounds with the cold/flu, within a few weeks of each other. This round isn’t quite as severe as the other, although, the aches and chills portion of this installment is far worse, and totally unpredictable. I’m having a very hard time even focusing right now.

It’s the first day back after 9 days of vacation, and I’ve got a cold. FUN. What I really want to do is go home, take a hot bath, and crawl into bed. It’s 75 degrees in my classroom right now, I’m probably single handedly responsible for doubling the electricity bill for this campus, and I’m STILL freezing. This is great.

I have my interview tomorrow regarding the transfer to the other high school, and if I feel like I do currently, I’m fairly confident I’ll totally botch it. Trying to answer anything coherently, when you’re rocking a 102′ temperature is nearly impossible. The worst part of this whole cold is the lack of sleep I’ve gotten at home lately. We bought a new Golden Retriever puppy, and she requires a lot of epotty breaks’ at very inconvenient times of night. If you think you’ve felt pain, try going outside in the freezing cold at 5am, with a cold, so a dog can whiz. It’s excruciating. Every time I think back to it, I feel the urge to go soak in a hot bath.

Thank God it’s a minimum day, I couldn’t handle being here until 3pm… I just couldn’t. My luck, we’ll have a long faculty meeting today that runs past 3pm…

I’d like to write something more interesting, funnier, more perceptive… .but my brain is NOT working properly.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll feel well enough to do something.

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