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Letter 1- Lime Coke

by admin on April 21st, 2005

The first target-Coca-Cola. I recently purchased one of their Lime flavored Cokes on a whim. I like Lime, I like Coke… I figured what the heck, I’d try it. I wasn’t happy with it at all; in fact, it was really hard to drink it. The other day I almost bought one by accident because the bottle packaging resembles regular coke too much. That would have really upset me, had I bought one by mistake. I’m choosing to take this up with them in a segment I like to call POINT-COUNTERPOINT

The first letter is sent by a stereotypical continuation school student, the second letter is what I would really write them. Enjoy.
Both letters have actually been sent, I put a different address on each letter, so I can monitor the reactions and coupons I get for each.

Letter 1

hey Coke.

Lime Coke hella sucks a**. I bougt one the other day and it made me wanna puke. The botle looked lots like regulir coke, and i bot it on axidint. Don’t even taste like lime, taste like s***. What the hell you make it for anyway? can’t sell much of that crap. My frind CJ said it made him mad for buying it, but he drank it all and can’t take it back. you should give us hella free coke stuff for having to drink that piss. If you don’t I ain’t drinking Coke agin….I’ll drink Dr. Skipper.



Letter 2

Coca-Cola bottlers,

I would like to express some issues I have with one of your new products, Lime Coke. While I am a fan of Coca-Cola, and Lime…the mixture of the two left me less then pleased. It reminded me more of a children’s cough syrup than a beverage I’d buy to enjoy. Needless to say, I only tried it once. I’m sure there is a logical explanation for its creation. My main issue now with the mutant beverage is, it looks too similar to the regular Coke bottles, packaging wise. The other day I went to the cooler in my local mini-mart to grab a refreshing Coke, and mistakenly grabbed a Lime-Coke. If it weren’t for the lady ringing up my order asking me “Do you actually like that stuff?” I wouldn’t have noticed until I had opened it and taken that first painful sip. I’m not saying you should destroy Lime-Coke entirely, I’m sure someone likes it, but please for the sake of people in a hurry…change the packaging to something with substantially more green in it.



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  1. Jess permalink

    Letter 2 made me pee a little.

  2. Jess permalink

    Crap. I mean Letter 1 made me pee a little. This is what happens when you read the posts backwards.

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