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Year 2 Day 132- Interview date set.

by admin on March 23rd, 2005

I’m home for the rest of the week. The captain’s wife decided to go on vacation, and to put it simply, I’m babysitting for the remainder of this week. I’m actually babysitting MY kids, so I guess that doesn’t really count, as opposed to the normal schedule where I baby-sit other people’s kids all day. It’s nice to be home, although I hate to use my sick days for things like this. I’d rather A) be gone on vacation as well, or B) just save them up, so I can retire a year early. Being home with my boys is fun though. The oldest is at school and the youngest is teething, so has been in and out of screaming jags all morning.

I got a nasty message from my principal on Monday night before I’d gotten home. He was upset because I didn’t tell him personally that I was going to be out the rest of this week. It was mostly because it slipped my mind, but I also had told the VP, and office manager, and figured that they’d tell him. Those two are the ones who are on campus the whole time anyway, Our poor principal is hardly ever there, so really, it might have taken him 2 days to even realize I was gone. Plus everyone who works at a school KNOWS the office manager is the one who knows and sees all anyway, and honestly is just as much the boss as the principal.

I got my call yesterday to confirm I have an interview at the other high school for that art job. It’s required, because I’m a district employee, I have to be given an interview… so really there’s nothing too much to get pumped up about yet. I figure they’ve already got in their mind what they plan on doing… so nothing I do, or say will really have that much effect on swaying their opinion one way or the other. If they want to hire me, the interview will just be a formality, so they can find out I’m not a total moron… then they’ll hire me. If they plan on going outside the district, then they’ve already decided to do that, and nothing I’d say would convince them otherwise–they won’t really be listening to what I say anyhow. I do hope I get to go back though. I’d like to think I’ve learned enough in this place to fully appreciate that opportunity. We’ll see though… the process begins on April 5th @ 3:45. One thing that’s weird is that if I got moved back there, I’d have to switch up the blog, change the name, etc… it’d lose some of its edge. Having kids who like to work, and do homework, and things of that nature, kind of changes the dynamic. One thing I’m aware of is, that continuation school teachers have about the same perception as their students…which sucks.

We’ll see though.

The state conference is approaching, and I’m in like Flint to attend my 5th consecutive conference. Last year was in sunny San Diego, which was nice… this year’s is in our State’s capital…which may or may not be fun. I’ll keep the diary running though, so y’all can comprehend exactly what transpires at this year’s event. I know this, after last years near missing of dinner, and very late arrival… another teacher and myself are taking the entire day off on Friday, so we arrive at noon rather than 7pm. I also know this, I won’t be sleeping outside this year… I have a room, with a bed. (although, honestly, sleeping outside in San Diego is very nice.)

I ran into our principal for next year the other day at church… he was really short with me… you’d think, since I know him, and thought we were friends, that he’d want to chat about next year, or the fact that he’ll be interviewing me for the art job in 3 weeks… (because as of now, he’s still the principal at that school)… .nope, he just walked on by, small wave, that was it. I have no idea what to think about that. I figure he’s in a bad position too. He gives me the gig at the high school, all is peachy… he DOESN’T, then most likely he’s got to deal with me next year, and that might not be fun for either of us. Every time he wants to criticize me for not teaching government well, I’ll say…iOH yeah, had you have given me the gig teaching ART full time at the other school, like I wanted… we wouldn’t have this problem.i

The next few weeks will be interesting if nothing else.

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