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Year 2 Day 128- The Huggie Bear

by admin on March 15th, 2005

From an Economics paper today;

The question was; How does scarcity affect your life?
The answer was not really correct, but it was funny none the less.
(Spelling and grammar errors are left as is.)

iScarcity affects my life in many ways. Like I don’t get fruttie pebbles, or coco pebbles because we’re to cheep. We had to switch to John Wayn ass wipe becouse we can’t afford the huggie bear, had to buy foren cars because American cars take to mutch gas.i

What is the huggie bear? For that matter, John Wayne has his own toilet paper? I’m so not in touch with my kids.


Our VP told me today, to iget ready for lesson plans.i I guess our new boss next year is into having lesson plans for everything. I can do that. I’m not worried about lesson plans for the art projects. I just hope he [our new boss] understands that if he expects really smart lesson plans for subjects like government, he’s got a problem. I can’t do it. I’ll be printing some out from online, and handing those in. He’d better take a look at this type of school, and how it’s run before he tries to throw in all these traditional high school rules. When you’re able to run a class in order, from beginning to the end-pacing is a bigger deal… you need to cover ALL the material for those kids, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Our kids may show up for 6 weeks, leave, then come back for session 5, then leave, then show up for session 1 again the following year. It’s too hard to have lesson plans that would be applicable for an entire class.

He’d better do his research before coming here…

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