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Year 2 Day 127- Back in the saddle

by admin on March 14th, 2005

I’ve recovered. I’m not 100% yet, but I feel better.

Friday was AWFUL. I woke up feeling by far the worse I’d felt the entire length of my sickness. I was heaving in the shower that morning. I was going to call in sick. Then I remembered that calling in sick on the day of an in-service is not smiled upon, and docks $250 out of your next paycheck. I had to man-up and go. It was difficult. I honestly don’t really remember much from the day. I spent it hacking up mucus, and drinking Gatorade.

The first half of the day was meetings at our campus, going over our accreditation renewal. I wasn’t very helpful in any discussions. I think I helped decipher a few acronyms here and there, but that was it.

We also went to our next year’s campus to look at our rooms, which spawned tons of arguements between people who wanted different classrooms. I was fine with whatever they gave me. The field trip was not useful to me, I left it early.

I was planning on sleeping in the parking lot of the place where the 2nd half of the days events were scheduledothe only problem was the Superintendent and his posse was roaming the lot–to avoid explaining why I was sleeping, instead of finishing my field trip, or eating, I decided to avoid the scene all together, and went and had lunch with half our staff at the local Chinese restaurant.

I ordered a “large” bowl of soup, and honestly, wish I had a camera to take a picture of the bowl that came… it was HUGE. I have never seen a bowl of soup that big. It perked me up a bit. I couldn’t finish it though, and I had to take the rest home. The bowl was way bigger than my head. Unreal.

The second half of the day was set-up, I found out, by my principal… not the district. I had wrongly assumed that the entire district was showing up to this meeting.


The afternoon meeting had 2 options. The first meeting was on statistics. I’m not sure what it consisted of, it just had math involved, and that was enough to send me to option 2.

Option 2, as it turns out was a writing discussion geared for Jr. High school kids, in FACT, there were only jr. high teachers there, with the exception of our school. As usual, the meeting was 99% irrelevant for me. I was sick to boot, and the day DRUG ON.

I sat right next to my principal.

iWhoa don’t sit next to me, I don’t want what you have… i
iToo bad, it’s your fault I’m here right now… you’re stuck with me… i

Finally, at about 2:30, one of the other principals from the jr. high told me to go home. One of the other principals mind you, not my own principal. I wasn’t getting anything out of the meetings, which were primarily over…all I was doing was throwing germs around like a rainbird. Honestly, I could’ve been sent home at lunch… and I wouldn’t have missed out on much. My principal should’ve seen this. He’s not coming back next year, what are they going to do if he sends someone home early? Fire him? I didn’t get it. I made it though… my reward…I got to spend the rest of the weekend moving. That was NOT fun.

It was one of those tests of human endurance. You find out your body is capable of withstanding far more misery than you ever thought it could. Typically, if you’re sick, and over exerting your body, your condition should deteriorate… somehow mine improved. I shouldn’t say somehow… I prayed all weekend long, and strongly believe that was the only thing that got me through. It was nothing I did. Gatorade, and minor naps aren’t enough to give you the kind of energy, and recovery I had this weekend.

… and to be at work to day.

That’s a miracle baby.

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