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Year 2 Day 124- Arrrrrrrrgh Matie

by admin on March 9th, 2005

Wow… The local newspaper today told the report of a local girl who made up a story of a homicide, and a buried body. Those of you who are loyal followers will find something familiar with the following passage.
iShe first told her fictitious story of murder to her sister Wednesday night, as an excuse for coming home late, —— said. The teenager said she had been with five others when they transported the body from an apartment in —— to ——–,. She said she did not know how the victim was killed. The sister repeated the story the next day at — School in a note to a friend. The friend then called police Thursday night. The note was found in a trash bin at the school, and the teenager was contacted the next day. She escorted sheriff’s detectives Friday to the homes of the five suspects — whom she said call themselves the “Savage Pirates” — and then to the place the body was allegedly dumped.i
The pirates were unavailable for comment, as they were to busy plundering ships on the lake, but they were quoted as saying iArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh Savage Pirates don’t kill no-one and give them but the best burial at sea… .aaaaaaaaaarrrrggggggggh.i
OK, I made that last part up… but the rest is true.

I wondered why none of the pirates had been at school lately. Now it all makes sense.


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  1. eduardo permalink

    Dude, I heard it was the Killer Dobies that done it.

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