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Year 2 Day 123- The new boss

by admin on March 8th, 2005

Well. I’ve found out who is our new leader next year. We’re getting the Principal from the other high school, as our Principal next year. The newspaper today reported that he was leaving eto spend more time with his family’, and wanted a transfer… according to sources close to me, he informed his staff yesterday that he was going over here. I’m not formulating an opinion on this yet.

I like the guy, and he’s a friend of mine. I’m just not sure how he’ll deal with the differences here, after spending 10+ years at the other site. I’m pretty sure the kids will have something to say concerning it as well. I don’t think they’ll be happy, having the man responsible for sending them here, being their new principal. It should be interesting to say the least. I wonder when he’ll head over here, and check us out.

I think the fact that there are tons of principals leaving, or switching locations next year is very odd. Something strange is afoot. Every one of them has this funny prepared statement when they inform you of the decision. Whether it be, eto be closer to home’, or espend more time with the family’ There are these red flags that pop up, that something isn’t right… someone else is making these decisions for these individuals.

Realistically, why would you switch being principal of one school to take a pay cut, and go to another school? Why also, would you leave a school where you were responsible for having the kids attending your new school sent? It’d be like if you were the boss of a firm, and demoted or fired a bunch of employees to another office, then decided to manage that office. Nobody would do that. iYeah, I really want to go work for the company, where all those guys I fired work… that’ll make for a fun and pleasant work environment!i Nobody would do that unless they were forced to.

Someone with grander plans in mind is pulling strings.

P.S. it’s not me.

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