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Year 2- Day 122- Rumor Mill

by admin on March 7th, 2005


I’ve heard everything now. Our campus security guard told me I was going to be vice-principal next year, according to his rumor mill. That’s funny. It makes me think though… would I do it? I guess if you asked me to do that, as opposed to sitting around teaching Econ, and Government next year, I’d have to say… sure. I’d get paid about 15K more a year, but I’d have to work more. There’d be more work, but I could deal with that. I’d have to deal with the parents more too… which wouldn’t be too fun.

One thing I could do is be the bad guy. I could be that guy who sends the kids home from school for not behaving. It’d be interesting though… very interesting. I mean, I guess it makes sense on one hand. I’m having the least fun in the classroom. I don’t teach what I’m certified to. Our current VP teaches the subjects I teach, with his degree. He’s getting burnt out on the VP thing. I’m young, and supposedly full of energy. I just don’t know if I could handle it. I’d be going from little effort exerted, to overwhleming amounts. We’ll have a new principal as well, which may or may not be good… who knows.

It’s a funny rumor as it stands now.

I think if I DID get the gig, I’d force myself to be the bad ass. They tried the whole good cop, good cop thing for 5 years, and it didn’t work… you can’t have both administrators trying to be the good guy, all the time… it doesn’t work. I’d take that job of being mean, and bringing some fear to the students.

Weird… I wonder how that rumor started.

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  1. eduardo permalink

    That would rip if you became Vice Principal. You could start walking around campus with a cricket bat, and maybe grow your beard out for a little added intimdation value.
    You could even have some fun with it, and start some rumors of your own.

    “I heard that the vice principal killed a kid one time.”
    “No-huhh, he did not.”
    “Yeah, he did. I heard about it from this other kid, whose brother was in the kid’s class.”
    “No way… That’s messed up!”
    “Yeah, he’s baaad.

  2. Jess permalink

    You know you started that rumour yourself. Don’t lie.

  3. Captain permalink

    Uhm, actually, It’s funnier that I didn’t.
    Someone apparantly has it in mind that I’d be good at it…or really bad, depending on how you look at it.

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