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Year 2 Day 121-Friday, Thank God.

by admin on March 4th, 2005

Ok, I’m ready to go home. This whole end of the session thing sucks. I want a normal school schedule… what’s up with schools trying all these weird schedules? The first school I taught at had 4-90 minute periods per day. 90 minutes is way too long for a class. Kids in high school lose interest at about the 1 hour mark, then cause trouble the remaining time. That system was messed up… it didn’t allow for successful Math, Foreign Language, or Art programs, because instead of keeping the same class all year, they switched at the semester. It might be a whole year before you had the second part of the class, at which time your skills have slipped a bit.

The schedule here is right, time length wise, 6- 1 hour long classes… only we switch classes every 6 weeks. That allows for no progression, or continuity… because unlike the other system, you get all new kids at the switch…HERE you get some new kids, some kids you’d had before at different points. It’s impossible to have any continuity… and continuity in a program is a part of the recipe for having success. Why don’t schools put teachers in a position to succeed?

What I need is a system that lets me teach the same subject to the same kids in 6 different periods, one hour a day, the entire year. That’s how you build rapport with kids, build skills up gradually over the course of the year, and develop a successful program.

Well that’s not happening here, or at the other high school. I need to get out of this district…

This weekend is the annual run to the local gambling city… .it’s a decent drive, but worth the anticipation and fun it allows for.

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