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Year 2 Day 114- Stress Management

by admin on February 23rd, 2005

One of the hardest aspects of working here is stress, and how it intertwines with life. This place provides its own level of stress strictly by existing, and me having to work here, add the fact that life outside here provides stress as well, and that collision forms a horrible stress cocktail, and I tinker on the fringe of insanity.

I’m in the process of trying to find a new place to move, dealing with my own personal home life struggles, teaching MORE government classes, and not really sure if I’ll be teaching art next year somewhere new. This=FUN. The level of stress I’m under right now is pushing me to the point of going bonkers, and snapping some kids Femur. My normally high paitience level is dwindling to that of a distraught postal worker. I’m trying to find funny things to keep me motivated, but it’s hard. Here’s what I’ve found this week that for whatever reason have kept me laughing, or just happier.

Someone put a sign on a kids back today that said idum-assi I took it off and made the point to the class, that the sing wasn’t nearly as funny as the irony that the person who put it on there spelled dumb wrong.

My home school kid is just a huge example of lacking a short term memory. I can literally write the page number where an answer is found next to the question, and put a mark next to the right answer in the book, to make it ieasieri and he will not find it. He can’t remember what I read two sentences before. He’s a nice enough kid, and I think sadly, his teachers early on got frustrated with him, and just passed him to get rid of him. His skills are behind by about 4 years or more in most classes. I’m forced to do things like multiplication tests with him to build up his basic skills to a decent level, so things like Pre-Algebra might someday be a possibility, and not immediate frustration.

There is always a constantly revolving parade of weird people in and out of that house, and I STILL have no idea what their doing. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if someday in the middle of working with this kid, I was raided by a SWAT team. It’s interesting to say the least. The mother called me today, sounded like she was crying, and said they had too many Dr.’s appointments to have school today. OK. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she said someone had died on her carpet… or in her yard. It’s like growing up Gotti in that house, without all the money, and goofy accents.

The one thing that’s been keeping me going here are my art classes, and the fact that there have been some really nice looking projects done. It keeps me refreshed and solidifies my theory I really CAN teach something, and get results. Next session I’m losing one period of Art, in lieu of another Government class… That’s going over with me like a kick in the nuts. The kick in the nuts might actually be better. I actually thought briefly, that because I had done so much good in my art classes, they’d realize that I benefit the kids more teaching them art, and give me MORE art classes… not fewer. I’m always about 3 minutes away from having a total panic attack, and running for the hills. Short of coming to work and finding someone took a runny dump on my chair, I’m at one of the lower levels of staidfaction I’ve had here.

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