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Year 2 Day 114- Round 2 and 3

by admin on February 23rd, 2005


I can’t even describe it. I got 2 more calls. One from the kid who was crying, I assume because he couldn’t shut dad up. I don’t know, I’m not getting in to it. That call went like.

iCaptain… you told my dad I don’t work… I work in you class.i

iI said you put in about 40% of the effort.i

iThank-you good bye.i

Then the phone rings again with dad on the line.

iHe works about 40% of the time?i

iYes on average, someday more some days less. But average about 25-30 minutes out of 2 hours.i

iThat’s about 1/3 or 1/4 of the time…i

iYeah I suppose..i

iSo he workin’ on his project?i

iYes sometimes, and sometimes not… i

(from the background… ) iI’m TRYING!!!! I SWEAR!!!! I sleep sometimes, and slack off sometimes, but I’m trying!!!! I’m doing betteri

iYeah you’re F***** around all the time… You’re grounded until you show me you can do better.i

iI Am doing better, I’m trying harder!!!! All I can do is TRY!!!i

iIs he doing better?i

iwell yeah, but he’s capable of more, ye-i

iSee he says you’re capable of more!!!!i

(This poor kid is going to hate me for the rest of my life… but I’m being honest.)

(kid pleading) iI’m going to try harder, I swear… I’m doing betteri

iIs he doing better?i

iWell yes, he IS doing better… he’s just not consistent.i

iOk Thank ye-i

So if I end up dead, it’s one of those two who did it. The kid is going to be pissed and see me as getting him in trouble, trouble, and MORE trouble. The dad who knows what his deal is, but I suspect he’s not ultra nice to his kid. I’m not saying kid has earned respect or whatever, but wow. NOT A FUN SITUATION to be in. I’m going to tell the office to NOT put them on the phone with me ever.

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