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Year 2 Day 107- Surprise!!!

by admin on February 11th, 2005

I feel like crap again today, worse than yesterday. I’m hoping like yesterday, I’ll improve as the day goes on. If it weren’t Friday I would’ve probably stayed home. I have a three day weekend this week, that’s nice, I can recover hopefully.

Sometimes I wish I lived in LA or somewhere, so I could have the random occasional celebrity sighting on my way to work. iHey I saw Jennifer Aniston getting gas this morning… awesome.i Or iI saw Ashley Simpson spill hot coffee on herself this morning, and then a seagull crapped on her.i Those kinds of things could make sick days like this a little more tolerable.

I saw something yesterday that disturbed me, and continues to disturb me every time I see it. My bank has a new teller. A fairly young teller, I’d say really early 20’s, maybe 18 or 19. This girl has for some reason either drawn, or tattooed her eyebrows on. I’m leaning towards the tattooed side, because they’re [the eyebrows] always in the same spot. Now, I know a lot of older ladies tattoo their eyebrows on for crazy reasons, but this is stranger still. The eyebrows aren’t even in the right spot. The way they’ve been put on, makes her look like she’s constantly surprised. If her face is positioned just right behind her computer monitor, all you can see are eyebrows. Why would anyone want to look like the ice cream cone clown on a permanent basis?

It’s silly. It’s also really disturbing; I wonder how much the other employees notice them? DO they have conferences about them behind her back? I wouldn’t be able to help it if I worked there. Anyone with eyebrows 2 inches too high is going to direct some unwanted criticism.

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