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Year 2 Day 106- a little bit naucious, a little bit rock n’ roll

by admin on February 10th, 2005

These kids are notorious for coming to school when they’re sicker than a dog. They are on the verge of hacking out body parts, and STILL come to school. They go to one of the more lax attendance required schools, get sick, and STILL show up. I do NOT understand. If I went to a school that was so easy on the attendance requirements, and I got sick, damn well know I’d be at home sleeping. I bring this up because this past month we had an overwhelming number of sick kids at school, and despite my pleads for them to stay home, to spare me the pain of getting the cold, they showed up anyway, and this morning I woke up feeling like total crap. When I get sick once I usually get the same cold 3 times. I give it to my wife, and my kids, and it makes a circle, and as soon as I get better, I get it again–it’s a vicious circle. I may vomit, or collapse today.

Those guys in the movies who get shot like 4 times, and are still walking, with that glazed over look in their eyes, determined to complete their task, totally oblivious that they’re nearing death. That’s me this morning. I think I sneezed out half my large intestine. I can’t taste anything. Did I stay home? No. I just can’t justify staying home, when I get so limited days to do so, and still get paid. The kids here are all sick anyway, so worse case scenario, I’m just one more person hacking out lung Ewoks all day. Plus today is an easy day.

We have a blood drive 6 times a year, chances are one of the 6 days will fall on one that you’d have otherwise stayed home on. Today is such a day. Blood drives cause all kinds of delays in normal class flow. Kids are constantly coming in, and leaving, and coming in, and leaving, etc. These days I used to try and get something productive done, but it was a waste of time, the distractions were to much, so now I just show movies. Today, I can in reality, sit here and sleep, while the kids watch Finding Nemo for the 500th time.

Transfer update

I’ve heard the Art teacher at the other school is officially retiring. I am applying for that job, but who knows when they’ll do the interviews, and what not. I’ll be gone for nearly 6 weeks this summer in a combination of mission work, and vacations. I may be gone for interviews. I don’t even know how they remember me from the 3 years I was there teaching ceramics before. I would guess they probably would like better classroom management skills out of me, and I understood. At the time I came here, my biggest weakness was that I was more concerned with people liking me, and not as concerned with people behaving. Not so is the case anymore. I dislike and like all students equally now. I’ve toughened up. Five years here dealing with all kinds of behavior problems makes you a classroom management specialist. It takes a lot more to intimidate me now, A lot more.

So I saw in the news that there’s another case where a nice looking female teacher got in trouble humping one of her 13 year old jr. high school boys. I’m not outraged. I think it’s funny more than anything else. You know that kid was in dream land… how many jr. high school kids, going through puberty get that kind of action? You also KNOW he was walking around gym class yacking about what a stud he was.

iOh Miss —-, yeah I nailed her… .like 12 times, she’s got killer boobs, it was so savage… .she’s going steady with me… .but it’s like secret and stuff… i

I think it’s funnier because somewhere on that campus is a single male teacher who had the hots for her forever, iShe WHAT? Nailed Tommy from home room? That little bastard! I’m going to fail his ass.i

I imagine that creates a lot of tension in class.

I’ll have the unsweetend chocolate mochachino.

The coffee today taste like crap. I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m sick, and can’t taste so well, or if it’s some bad coffee beans, but it’s not a good experience so far.

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  1. Paco permalink

    I saw that teacher news too… my feeling are EXACTLY the same as yours (I guess we would think differently if this was our kid getting boinked by the teacher). The funny thing is, imagine if you or I did something like that? We would have been hung already… It’s funny, women talk about wanting to be equal to men. But we aren’t treated equally, and we don’t look at things equally. (this being a prime example)

  2. The Gambler permalink

    I can’t fathom how they can allow blood drives at the place you work. With the clientlele that you deal with, I imagine that the germs, bacteria, and various viruses floating around would make for a microbiologist’s wet dream. I’d say it’s safe to say that two out of every three “donations” get rejected.

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