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Year 2 Day 104- twice in one day? Tak about stamina.

by admin on February 8th, 2005

I’m confirming that yes, when I go to the State conference I will in fact keep a running diary of my daily experiences. The conference is at the end of April. I’ll leave Friday before school, or whenever I wake up, and be back on Sunday afternoon. The problem with the “running” diary, is that it’s not really running, because I take notes, wait 4 days until I’m back at work, and then post it. I guess its close enough though.

There won’t be any flying done this year, it’s close enough to drive to, and hopefully, do to budget planning, I won’t be sleeping on the veranda this year. Although, it was nice weather last year, and I didn’t really mind. It should be fun though. It always is. They’ve said there will be no hospitality rooms this year, I’m not sure if they meant it, or if they got sick of a bunch of continuation teachers acting too much like the kids they service, but whatever.

I didn’t get nominated for teacher of the year this year, although, I did vote for myself for the 4th straight year. I’m not being smug, I just feel I endure as much crap as everyone else, so why should they get my vote?


My main issue for today is; I HATE teaching government. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE It. I’m so not qualified to teach it, nor am I the least bit interested. I could never in a million years force myself to get the energy, or motivation to lecture about it. I can force myself to do a little bit in Economics, because I find it mildly entertaining, but not so with government. The problem IS, that the kids make me out to be a sloth, who just sits here during the majority of economics and government classes. I do sit a lot, in those classes, and in my art classes, but that’s because I have 20 kids working on 20 art projects, all of which are different… .so getting up for major demonstration automatically alienates ae the class. I just constantly invite kids up to check their progress.

The nice thing about the art classes, is there’s never any doubt who the knowledgeable one is.

As a result, This part of the year is when I really start to get depressed that I teach these classes that make me feel dumb. I don’t like feeling dumb, but why would I get up in front of them and embarrass myself, talking about things I don’t know about or care about particularly? Why would I want to take a bunch of college classes to get better at it? Why would I? To me learning this subject matter means admitting I’m staying here, and teaching it for a long time, and I’m not willing to give up the hope of teaching art full time, somewhere.

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