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Year 2- day 104- losing track of days…

by admin on February 8th, 2005

Hey, sorry, I know it’s been awhile since I rapped eatcha, but I’ve been busy.

There’s really not much to report from this area of the world. The school has been growing, rather than shrinking like we predicted. We thought the small environment, and lack of smoking would drive the kids away in droves… wrong. We keep adding more kids. It’s ridiculous, the classes are swamped, and it’s making the job tougher. That’s only part of the problem though…

This school also has a policy of bringing kids BACK who left for good reason. We’ll have a kid who leaves, usually because he’s not doing anything, or is a total disruption, the staff rejoices at his departure, then a few weeks later he comes back, and they re-register him. I don’t get it. We don’t need to do this. We have more than enough kids here. They should tell him tough luck, you left you don’t get to come back.

My new friend, the one with the glaring pot habit, actually brought me a soda the other day. That was a nice gesture. I should try and not be so hard on the kid. Despite his lack of tact, effort, and common sense; he’s a pretty decent fellow.

We have 4 kids here currently who are prolonging their graduations. I’ve discussed this in the past, but for those who’ve forgotten; when a kid is a very small number of units from graduation, and his/her production all but ceases, they’re in this category. We have several now. Normal circumstances usually allow us to have 1 or 2 kids in this category, we have 6 or 7 now. Usually they want to stay because their home life is so bad, that the thought of not having school to attend scares them. I can’t say I really blame them, they get socialization, food, and a clean restroom here. I’d stay in school too.

My thinking would be… why not OVER achieve, stay in regular school, work my butt off, get some scholarships, and go to college? If being in school is BETTER than being at home, why not go to school as long as possible? Instead of over achieving, these kids under perform to the point of looking ridiculous. They also manage to prolong things SO long, they end up turning 18, at which point their legally iguestsi on campus, and can be removed for any reason.

Sometimes they’re so lazy they end up getting kicked out, thus eliminating their diploma, and steady diet of school. That’s what we call a lose-lose situation.

One of the kids here doesn’t do ANY work, he’s constantly leaving, to go iworki in other classes, when really, he’s only playing ninja games on the computer. A month ago he got caught selling marijuana on campus, and the staff rejoiced because surely he was never coming back after that. Not so. He’s never left. They let this kid, who does NO work, and sells pot stay here… Amazing.

The annual state conference is coming in April, and while I thought I wasn’t going to go, I’ve decided to change my mind. I have to set up an art exhibit anyway, so might as well. 3 days of free food and room, and getting away from school… you can’t argue with that. Plus it’s always entertaining to see your coworkers do stupid things.

Again, sorry for the delay, I’ll try and be more regular.

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  1. Jess permalink

    Does your going to the conference mean you’ll have another Sports Guy-esque diary from some boring seminar?

  2. Eduardo permalink

    Hey, can I go with you again, and videotape the funny snoring dude?
    You should relate that story here for the faithful readers. That was totally funny.

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