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Year 2 Day 96-Space…the final frontier, well kind of…

by admin on January 26th, 2005

iI understand you want to listen to your music, but it’s homework time now… i
She says to me. I don’t think I even looked at her, just turned the radio off and left the room.

That was 2 days ago, and the last interaction I’ve had with the after school program.

I try and be nice to the teacher for the program. I understand it’s not her fault that she’s using my room, and having to deal with things. HOWEVER, I just constantly feel like I can’t do what I want in my room, in my free time. I have very little free time as it is to be in my room without students, and she comes in directly after our last class, to prep. I wonder what she’s prepping for? I mean the kids don’t seem like they do anything. I guess they’re supposed to work on their homework, or something from 2-6, but they don’t to do anything I can see. They yell a lot, run around aimlessly, and drive their teacher crazy. She doesn’t seem to have any pull, or say in what they do, nor do they listen to her. What does she prep for?

One of her kids wrote a letter they were planning on giving to the district office. I found it, lying around. It was terrible. The whole letter was in protest to the switching, and closing of schools in the district (I’ve mentioned it previously). It (the letter) was so bad that it probably wouldn’t have gotten read. I corrected it for errors, and returned it to its original spot on the table. I wonder if they read it.

I know I need to be nicer to her, I try, but honestly… I’m sick of the crumbs her kids leave on my floor, the stuff that is missing, and the fact that this isn’t really imyi classroom…ever.

I don’t like having to share my space with someone else. I feel like I already sacrifice enough of my sanity, and sense of purpose by being here; then to have to share my space… it’s too much.


My prize pupil was at it again today, shock. He’s been talking about going into the Job Corps for a couple days, so he can get a job, and support a family.

iWhy do you want a family?i a girl asked him.

iSo I can have me some sex all the time!!!i He responded.

I bet she’s sorry she asked. He says he’s going in a few weeks from now. I asked, and he hasn’t even sent in an application, let alone gotten one to fill out.

You might want to do that.

He also hasn’t appeared to have read any of WHAT the Job Corps are all about.
I tried to inform him that the Job Corps aren’t really supportive of marijuana addictions, and he should probably try and stop that, or at very, very least, stop mentioning it every other minute.

We’re going to live off the fat of the land, George. I get to tend the rabbits.

The rest of class consisted of such poignant comments like. iI have more rolls than a jelly doughnut.i And, iI have more gas than a helium balloon.i In between belching and staring at the wall like a frog in a flashlight, he informed the class he wanted to light his farts on fire with a blow torch.

He was serious.

One student put it best when he said;
iSince you’ll probably get kicked out for doing it, I’ll go ahead and give you my lighter.i

He didn’t go for it.

One part of me feels bad for the kid. He’s probably pretty close to retarded if not already on board. I’m not sure if it’s genetic with him, or if he just did way too many drugs, wasn’t too bright from the get go, and got totally messed up. He’s in resource classes, which are a small step above full blown Special Education, but sometimes I wonder if he’s still placed too high. But they don’t have resource history, or art…so I get him 2 times a day.

I’ll say this; he’s way out of his element.

The session is about 2 weeks old, and it’s more and more apparent, I need Art full time. I just can’t get into the other classes, at all. I also don’t like the thought that I have to take these classes or get these reviews so I can be qualified to teach classes I don’t like, or ever even asked to teach. I mean seriously. YOU GO TAKE MORE EXPENSIVE COLLEGE CLASSES TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE SUBJECTS YOU DON’T LIKE…SO YOU CAN TEACH IT MORE.


The other day my principal asked me if I was taking any government or economics classes at the college, or planning to.

iUhm… no, no I’m not currently, nor am I planning on it in the future.i

Its times like that I want to just be honest and say, iLook, to be really truthful, I’m out of here for the first full time art job that pops up.i
government classes are a lot of extra reading and studying that I don’t have time for.

Other than the onset of a headache today has ended fairly smoothly.

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