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Year 2 Day 93- Gripes

by admin on January 20th, 2005

Feelings from the rest of the staff about the new campus are not as positive as mine. They don’t see the sweet carpet in the rooms, and the free soup, and cheesecake as perks enough to endure. I’ve heard a colleague say that if we’re still here next year, he’s quitting. The people aren’t happy. I can sympathize with them on a few points.

1- I don’t like the fact we’re dealing with a smaller area that lacks any space for physical education. No gym, No fields, No blacktop, etc.
2- I don’t like that everything we’d like to do, like have more space, be able to walk to a field for PE, etc. is seen as a inconvenience for the other school. There’s a lot we aren’t able to do because of the inconvenience factor. It seems that if it’s an inconvenience for US it’s ok.
3- Nobody either the Superintendent or Principal, or Union Rep, or anyone has come up to us here and said, iHey thanks for moving your entire school in 5 days, and dealing with this mess… i
4- Our superintendent was HERE the first day of class, and never came by to see the rooms, or talk to the staff… that’s not very good behavior by a leader of a district. The clientele we have here commands no respect, or appreciation by ANYONE in the district. We’re seen as a solution to problems, but receive no gratitude for being such. Teachers from the other high school like the fact we take their problem kids, and like to complain how ieasyi our job here is, but when it comes down to it, none of them would switch places if asked. The district doesn’t want to give us anything but leftovers as far as facilities, or finances.
5- We have a principal, while he’s a nice guy; he doesn’t stand up for his staff with the district. I can’t say I blame him on one hand, If you were on a one year contract every year, where it was dictated by the school board, and superintendent whether or not you stayed the proceeding year, who would you cater to? The staff or the District? It’s easy. If the staff was responsible for keeping or removing a principal, you can bet that the principal would do a lot better job of making sure their staff was happy.

My philosophy is; I can’t do anything about the situation. I’m going to focus on the good things about the whole deal; the new room, the carpet, the treats in the staff room. The fact kids aren’t wandering the campus or asking to go smoke every 15 minutes. These are all good things as far as I’m concerned. I also think that by being overly negative about the situation rubs off on the kids, and our kids are already close to the edge, so any extra incentive for them to misbehave can’t be good.

My principal actually thanked me for being one of the ONLY people to be positive about the situation. The negative grumblings must be really bad for him to thank me… he never thanks us for anything. Making a good impression can only benefit my review, and any recommendation I’d need for moving to another school.

Speaking of moving… the verdict came in last evening that the board finally decided to close the other school, so in June we’ll be moving again… to another school.

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  1. Yeah… keep your chin up, and things will probably improve rapidly. Hopefully 2005 will even see you move on to something better.

  2. Also, I think you’re right on about being the one positive person there… it will only help you, especially if everyone else keeps griping.

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