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Year 2 Day 92- Session 4 begins…and the internet returns

by admin on January 19th, 2005

I’m back online. The IT dept. finally got here and finished their job.

I’m starting to get accustomed to the new digs. One thing that is nice is that the other staff seems to bring in treats into the staff room for all to enjoy. We had really good soup on Friday, which was perfect for the weather. There was a bitchin’ raspberry cheesecake in there yesterday. I could learn to like this. I might have to.

The whole scheme for us moving here was to push the school board to close another school with low enrollment, redistribute those students throughout the district, and then move US to that site. The mold problem was supposed to be the proverbial nail in the coffin, and the board would have NO other choice but to close the school, and move us there… well, something happened. The board still hasn’t decided to close the other school. That means we have no other place to move to, which means we might be here longer than just a few months.

If the food keeps on coming, I’ll be just fine here.

The kids are becoming slowly accustomed to their new life here. There’s still a few incidents of kids going Motley Crue, and smoking in the boys room, but even that seems to have died down recently. The smaller campus acts like prison, and keeps the problems down. The supervision is much easier now. No longer are kids wandering around aimlessly all over a big campus. The smaller campus leads to fewer conflicts. Kids don’t have time or space to get into trouble with one another. There are two options; go to class, or stay home.

The new session started Monday, and my first two classes are FULL, but manageable so far. We got a few new kids here who seem willing to work, and a few kids who were problems we got rid of, or somehow they miraculously graduated.

I still have problems the way our school just igraduatesi these kids, just because they want them gone.

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