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Moving Report #2-Cipher in the snow

by admin on January 19th, 2005

The move today is progressing. I’m all done, and have been for several days now, but other classes continue to get set-up. Our office wasn’t free of previous inhabitants until yesterday late. Today’s move has been spruced up by the addition of snow. Moving is bad enough as it is, but when it’s snowing outside, it makes for a little more interesting move. I’ve got front row seats for it all too, I’m waiting until the ground freezes up, and someone goes workman’s comp on the school, and breaks a hip. I’m not sure the snow is sticking yet, but it’s going pretty good, and I imagine it will at some point.

One of the brightest spots of the whole move has been the cleaning of cupboards left untouched for years… .one of my colleagues, came in with some new computer speakers for me. This has been a revolution in sound quality for my system. I was previously using speakers that may well have came from a vending machine, where they’d been grabbed by a claw. My “new” sound system has been upgraded 2000%.

No internet service here… still.

I guess some of the computers have service but its suspect at best. Like I said, the IT dept. for this district is inept, and that’s putting it nicely. Major corporations (successful ones anyway) have IT dept.’s that can get problems up and fixed in a matter of hours, at any time of day. Not so with us. I’ve had several guys in my room from the IT dept, who walked in, touched a few computers, looked at some wires, touched the wall in ekey’ spots, mumbled to themselves, and promptly left. One man looked like he may be related to Davy Crocket in both appearance and age. I’m not sure he even knows what a computer IS. Needless to say, his stay was brief, and I’m sure utterly confusing for him.

The teachers are almost all set up, and most of our staff disappears for extended breaks throughout the day. It’s cold outside, and warm in my room, so until lunch time, I’m remaining at my desk, playing solitaire.

I do need more CDs though, and those are outside in the blizzard.

The kids will return on Monday, I assume. I think a lot of them have forgotten over the past 3 weeks that they even GO to school, and it’ll take several days before they remember, and find their way back. It sounds funny, but I would bet money that there are at least 10 kids who will never know we moved campus, go to the other campus, wonder why their school just disappeared, think it’s the coolest thing ever, and never come back.

iWhy ain’t you at school?i

iI dunno, went back and it was gone… .nobody was there, desks and s**t were gone, F****IN’ BAD!!!!!!!i

Other kids will return to find out the smoking policy which was so lightly enforced at the other school, is gone, and has been replaced by a zero tolerance policy. This will not set well with the little nicotine heads, and they’ll never come back.

iWhy’d you drop out?i

iWouldn’t let me smoke anymore… .i


Our enrollment, I predict, will drop about 40% the remainder of the year. Our kids don’t respond well to change, and there are enough here to make them absolutely snap. We’ll be operating at about 2/3 capacity for the remainder of the year, which is FINE by me. It’ll be the really difficult kids who can’t manage anyway.

I’m off to eCipher In The Snow’ it out to my car to get some CD’s if the bus man finds me frozen and dead Monday morning… you’ll all know why.

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