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Year 2 Day 78- RED ALERT

by admin on December 16th, 2004

There’s been a new and exciting development at our school as of 10 minutes ago.

Due to the age of this facility, there have been numerous groups of contractors on campus doing things like; structural checks, mold checks, modernization checks for the past two years. (To see how and where to modernize this facility.)

Last night one of the groups submitted their findings.

To make a lot of research short, our campus is condemned. We all knew it here, but the facts have come out, and due to unhealthy mold levels, our school is being shut down at the end of school today. Tomorrow I will be here, but only to start boxing things up. There will be no students on campus tomorrow, or for the 1st week after Christmas break, to give us time to set up our rooms in our new temporary housing on the jr. high campus.

Can you say problems?

This will be interesting to say the least, I’m not sure how our kids will mix with THEIR kids… but it should provide for tons of stories. The district will apply for a waiver of the time the kids will miss, due to emergency, and hopefully we won’t have to make up any of these school days in the summertime. NICE!

One thing is for sure, our kids won’t be smoking anymore…that’s for sure. Not that close to another ‘normal’ campus.

One lady on our staff, after hearing the news, burst into tears, and ran out of the meeting. I’m not 100%, but I think she has other issues. I mean, we were 99% sure we were moving at the end of the year anyway. I’m not sure how or why she was so attached to this place.

I think it’s all pretty awesome. Change is always good. PLUS, I never really took that much stuff out of boxes when we moved here 4 years ago. I’m ae of the way packed. I kept my printer box, so I have one empty one already to fill up. The kids aren’t going to be told until 4th period. I wonder if they’d be concerned if I started boxing up right now.

I may not be available for comment in the week following break. I will, however, return in the newly remodeled captains portable January 10th. I will be here tomorrow as well, to post an update on how Boxing Day is going.

I’m not even Canadian… and I get a Boxing Day… how awesome is that?

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Dang, that is freaking awesome.
    I wish that would happen where I work.

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