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Year 2 Day 71- Bitch Slap

by admin on December 7th, 2004

Today is cold. It was warm in my bed. I wanted to stay there, and judging by the way the day has gone thus far, I should have.

I should have stayed in bed.

The day started out slow, and looked promising, until period three.

There are two girls in period three, who dilike each other. I already mentioned that there is racial tension in that class. It came to a head today. I have participant A) Hispanic, Pregnant girl. I have participant B) Racist, white girl. The two apparently do NOT like each other, which I could have gathered, but today they decided to put action to it. It started out with some verbal barbs thrown back and forth. This is when I started to get out of my seat to go calm down the kids. Most arguments start that way, and can be easily calmed down. As I stood up, participant B open hand slapped participant A.
Slappin a pregnant girl has to be one of the most classless things you can do. “yo’ face ain’t pregnant.” says the girl.

Participant A seemed stunned, and offered a half slap in return. One of the girls near by grabbed her, and I helped lead her towards the door, to avoid further conflict. Verbal barbs were flying fast and furious at this point. I couldn’t let the fight go into a full blown wrestling match, with a pregnant girl. Bad things. I called security to escort participant B out of the room.

The problem now, is that this class is already the worst I’ve had this year, by far–and this event hyped everyone up to the point of doing little work, if any.

Today is shot.

The conversation in this class has now has turned to gang affiliation. I guess there is a gang called SP, which stands for savage pirates. Do they do drive by’s with a cannon? “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh MATIE.”

I’m trying really hard not to laugh.

I should have stayed in bed.

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  1. I think we need to start a fictitious gang: Killer Dobies.

    You could plant seeds of dismay and confusion amongst the hoodlums in your class by saying something like

    “In our last district teachers conference, I heard that the Killer Dobies are coming up from L.A. — and they’re taking over. Supposedly, they’re even more vicious than the Crips, and they’re gonna clear out the SP from this area.”

    You could secretly ‘tag’ the notebooks of certain students while they’re sitting there drooling in a cannabis-induced haze. All it would take is a few key phrases to set this thing off right…



    Be sure to leave out all punctuation, and riddle them with spelling and grammatical errors in order to give them more credibility. Your students are so dumb that they’ll be accusing each other of Dobie membership within hours.

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