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Year 2 Day 69- Throw back

by admin on December 2nd, 2004

One thing that’s got to me today was when someone wearing a friggin’ parka tells me it’s too hot in the classroom.
You’re wearing a PARKA. That’s kind of like bucking down to undies, rolling in the snow, jumping in a lakeo and then complaining its freezing.

iIt’s too hot in here; could you turn off the heater?i

iYou’re wearing a PARKA? Of course it’s hot.i

iYeah, but-i

iBut what? You’re wearing a fur lined jacket, that people SKI in? It’s designed to keep heat IN. Do you think maybe… its affecting your body temperature?i


Yesterday a few teachers got together and we got on the topic of former administrators, and the horror stories associated with them. One thing about my current administrator; while he may lack the sense to take a firm stand on issues, and actually MAKE decisions, he’s not a jerk. I’m thankful every day for that.

A lot of administrators have power struggle issues. They purposely make things harder than they should be, purposely use fear and intimidation as tools to help them get ahead, and base things on personal feelings about individuals.

I had one principal who accused me of writing a derogatory comment in a student’s sketchbook. I understood, he was upset about the comment, a parent had called and complained. Had I actually wrote it, he would have been justified in being angry.

The man called me into his office. Rather than talk with me as an adult, and explain what his concern was FIRST, he just lit into me. How he thought I liked kids, and was a professional, and F’n this, and F’n that. It was basically throwing insults at me. Keep in mind I had NO idea why I was even IN his office. Finally, he throws this sketchbook at me and says. iTell me what the hell this is all about.i

I looked at the sketchbook, read the comment that was written on the page which was,

eThis is a piece of sh*t. You suck.i

I wanted to laugh. The fact that someone thinks that I would actually write that is absurd. It goes to show that they didn’t really know me at all. The handwriting was written such that it totally looked like a kid wrote it. There were little X’s to dot the I’s, there was no score, I circle my comments, and the comment was un-circled. It was just so obviously NOT my work.

I told him, iI didn’t write this, I could go get some examples of books I DID write in and show you, if you’d like.i

He of course didn’t believe me and told me to get the examples. I went and got 10 or so examples. I returned showed him the examples. He saw the obvious differences. He never apologized. He never said anything. He told me to go explain to the parent the deal, and then excused me.

Had I gone off and accused someone of something, then found out I was totally wrong, I’d feel terrible. I’d apologize until I couldn’t talk. I wouldn’t have even handled it that way in the first place. I would have given my employee the benefit of the doubt from the start.

I would have called them in, SHOWN them the problem first, and then asked if they knew anything about it. Once the teacher had shown me the real sketchbooks, I would have gone and cleared it with the parent.

The funny thing was when I talked to the parent, she was like ioh it wasn’t a big deal I thought one of his friend’s did it… and I told him that.i

He just automatically assumed I did it. He was just trying to get at me for no reason other than a personal dislike.

The other teachers I talked with had similar stories with administrators. It’s weird. It makes me more aware I’m not cut out to be an administrator at all. I’m not saying I’d end up doing that kind of thing, but there’s way too many personalities I’d have to get along with, and remain unbiased towards, even when I didn’t like them. No Thanks.

It also led me to thinking, about my future plans to move on. I’m not guaranteed to find an administrator I’d get along with. It also led me to thinking that I’d have to do more after school work, lesson prep, etc. at a new job. That part didn’t bug me. I miss having papers to grade that were interesting to read. I miss being able to give tests, assign homework, make difficult assignments, etc.

I’ll take that over the risk of a bad administrator.

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