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Year 2 Day 68- Oprah.

by admin on December 1st, 2004

I was in the process of sitting down to write yesterday, and my computer freaked out. I called in tech isupporti and they sent someone to fix it. I had noticed when I arrived at work, that there was a different log on name on my computer screen. I’ll just use AIMSTER, not the real name, for my example.

I figured AIMSTER was a nickname for someone named Amy, Aimee, or whatever, SO when Tech support MAN showed up, I assumed he was NOT AIMSTER. SO I made the comment;

iYeah my computer always works fine until this AIMSTER jackass touches it… every time I see that name on my log-in; I know my computer got jacked up.i

Tech man didn’t make any comments, and kept on working. Later, I noticed his name tag… Adam Imster, A.Imster, AIMSTER. (a made up name).
I felt kind of stupid, but at the same time, my computer is jacked up every time he touches it. I hoped it helped him learn something. He spent 3 hours on it yesterday, and it’s still broken.


Over my extended break I saw Oprah on TV. First off, I don’t normally watch Oprah. I happened to see she was in one of her iI’m giving everyone in the audience whatever their hearts desirei moods, so I watched. She happened to have an audience full of teachers. I thought to myself, iHmmmmm, I wonder what she thinks teachers need.i

I wish I knew Oprah was giving out free stuff to teachers; I would have applied for tickets. Here’s what they got.

$500 gift card for Office Max.
$100 Starbucks card
Stupid Christmas CD
Sony Vaio laptops

Not a bad haul. The funny thing was that there were only 2 male teachers in the audience that I saw. You know the only reason they were there is that someone drug them along, or that some lady got sick and they filled in. Oprah would never have on a bunch of male teachers on her show.

The whole thing was silly, teachers were crying like they’d never gotten a computer before, like they’d been using the Apple IIe for the past 15 years. I’d have been excited, but you can damn well bet that computer wouldn’t EVER have gotten to my classroom… where kids could break it. That $500 Office Max card would have gotten a new digital camera for…myself.

There is this theory I’ve heard that teachers have to go out and spend tons of their own money on school supplies, due to shortages in budgets. I don’t buy it.

Yes, there are a few insane people who spend absurd amounts of cash on stuff for their classroom. I actually spend some money myself, but it’s not that much. We’re talking 5$ a month, MAYBE. Teachers don’t get paid a lot as is, and most of us are cheap bastards when it comes to spending what little money we do get on things our schools should buy for us.

If I’m out of pencils, and the school doesn’t have any in the supply room, do I run out and buy some with my own money? No. I call up the D.O., and put in a P.O.

Most teachers who buy their own things are A) single with no families B) insane and C) doing projects that they didn’t plan ahead for, and didn’t get the supplies paid for by the school.

If Oprah really wanted to help some teachers out, with things they DO need, she should have gotten them a shopping spree for clothing. You can tell how long someone has been teaching by what kind of clothes they wear. The last time they could afford to buy new clothes was before they started teaching. Sure, we get a few new t-shirts now and then, but those are usually freebies from a conference, military recruiter, or school event. I haven’t went out and intentionally bought new clothes in 8 years. The only way I buy something new is if what I have gets a hole in it.

That’s another reason I know teachers don’t spend a lot of money on school supplies; We can’t even afford clothes that are in style for ourselves, why would we buy paper and scissors for kids.

Oprah should have talked to me first.

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